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Australia’s “Hijab Stylist” – Style for and by Muslim women

By: Lindsey Lanquist Source: Mashable There have been high-fashion collections inspired by the Middle East and ready-to-wear lines featuring hijabs and abayas. But fashion-forward clothing for Muslim women by Muslim women has been missing from the industry — until now. Australia’s Zulfiye Tufa, of the blog “The Hijab Stylist,” is changing that and bringing modest clothing to the forefront of the fashion conversation. The 26-year-old pharmacist began blogging when she saw a void in the fashion industry for chic modest clothing. She provided styling tips for other women and focused on “interpreting fashion through the lens of faith,” as she told...

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What’s behind the rise of Islamic fashion

By: Alberto Mucci Source: Al-Jazeera Anas Silwood moved to Jordan from Britain to study Arabic back in 2000. The 20-something was supposed to stay for only a few months, but he soon decided Amman was the place he wanted to be. He learned Arabic, converted to Islam and settled. “Every time I went back to the UK I had the same problem,” he says. “People looked at me in a funny way because of what I was wearing. It happened over and over again, and that’s how I realized there must be a lot of Muslims in need of better-designed and better-made clothing.”  Silwood’s intuition quickly developed into a business. In 2002 he launched Shukr, one of the first...

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“Modern” or not hijab is worship

By: Maryam Hedayat Source: MuslimVillage Whenever I plan to buy an abaya or jilbab (outer gown) or hijab or khimar (a veil), I search from one shop to another and from one market to another for the latest stylish and unique piece. After an enormous effort I finally succeed in finding that trendy and distinctive piece that most appeals me. However, one day I thought, “Why do I put so much effort into finding that distinctive piece? Why am I so careful about the design, about the color, about the style and the appearance as well?” When buying or wearing the hijab I just think of the impression people will have about me. Frankly, I am likely just trying to impress others by wearing a...

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