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How a 16 year old Saudi teen helped make the “hijabi emoji” a reality

By: Rebecca Tan Source: Vox Millions of Muslim women who wear the traditional headscarf are finally getting an emoji that represents them — and it’s all thanks to a teenage girl from Saudi Arabia. In honor of World Emoji Day last Monday, Apple released a preview of 12 new emoji coming to users later this year. In between the icons of dinosaurs and sleepy-eyed zombies was an important new addition that marked a year’s worth of work for 16-year-old Rayouf Alhumedhi: the first-ever emoji of a woman wearing a hijab. Alhumedhi’s emoji campaign started last year when realized she was the only one among her friends without an emoji that accurately resembled who she was. The student, who was born...

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French mayor disregards law, reignites “burkini” row

By: The Local (France) Source: The Local (France) A notorious French mayor has kicked up a storm after introducing a burkini and Muslim veil ban at a new swimming spot in his town, despite the fact the bans were ruled illegal last year. A year after several resorts on the French Riviera made global headlines and prompted criticism from around the world for imposing burkini bans on Muslim bathers, a French mayor risks inflaming the row once again. Gerard Tardy, the mayor of Lorette, a town to the south of Lyon in Central France, has imposed a ban on burkinis – the full-body swimwear worn by some Muslim women and the wearing of headscarves at a new outdoor swimming area. The leisure park was...

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The struggle for the soul of the hijab

By: Shazia Ahmad Source: Al-Madina Institute Hijab1 is a frequently discussed topic in our community and a practice dissected and opined over from many different angles. While it is talked about frequently, in many of the most important ways it is little understood. Our discourse on hijab is often devoid of any meaningful consideration of it as an act of devotion, which is its primary purpose. There is also little reflection on the foundational quality from which hijab emanates — haya’ (modesty). These are the heart and soul of hijab that we, individually and as a community, often overlook. The Inward and the Outward Islam teaches that at its core, hijab should be a spiritual act done...

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