In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate


Hijab: a view from the inside

By: Nakata Khaula Source: Al Balagh When I returned to Islam, the religion of our inborn nature, a fierce debate raged about girls observing the hijab at schools in France. It still does. The majority, it seemed, thought that wearing the head-scarf was contrary to the principle that public – that is state-funded – schools should be neutral with regard to religion. Even as a non-Muslim, I could not understand why there was such a fuss over such a small thing as a scarf on a Muslim student’ s head. Muslims contributed a proportionate amount of tax to the state funds. In my opinion, schools could respect religious beliefs and practices of students as long as they did not...

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Giving your occupation its right

By: Haqqseeker Source: MuslimVillage It is the responsibility of a Muslim man to earn for himself and his family a pure and halal sustenance. Whether you are a very humble, lowly paid servant or a prestigious professional with a highly lucrative income, feeding your family with halal sustenance can be a means of earning immense rewards from Allah if you do it according to the commands of Allah the Most High and the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him). Given below are some of the occupations and professions that you may be involved in and how you can turn these careers into means of earning great blessings from Allah (praise be to Him who is pure and...

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Tolerance in the Prophetic tradition

By: Ismail Hakki Atceken Source: Coming from the Arabic root samaha, musamaha (tolerance) means to forgive and to pardon. The word hosgoru is used in Turkish and the word tolerance in English. As a term, it is used for the understanding and gentle behavior towards everyone, without prejudice, of someone who is mature and good-intentioned. Truly this is a high virtue possessed only by people of superior morality. Both too much and too little of tolerance can lead to harmful results. Moral principles have an important place in the divine messages of prophets brought from Allah’s presence. Tolerance has a unique place among these moral principles. The religion brought...

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