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Is the gold standard coming back?

By: Sputnik News Source: Sputnik News Demand for gold has jumped almost 21 percent in the first quarter of 2016, causing some to question whether paper money is doomed and if the gold standard is due for a comeback. In their latest Liberty Report, former US Republican congressman Dr. Ron Paul and American political analyst Daniel McAdams focused their attention on the fact that the idea of reviving the gold standard has recently caught its second wind. Although the US financial establishment has repeatedly attacked gold, claiming that it “is not money,” the price of the precious metal has made leaps and bounds over the past sixteen years, soaring from $300 per ounce in the...

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His wife and her shaykh: how no one is above the Sharia

By: Mufti Ebrahim Desai Source: A questioner asked about some trouble he has been having in his marriage since his wife became a student (mureeda/ male mureed) of a Sufi shaykh. He complained that his wife had become neglectful of her “duties at home” and that he found himself having “to eat cold food” while when the shaykh visits their town his prepares amazing food that she doesn’t prepare for him. He also asked about the wife spending time with the shaykh and discussing various seemingly casual matters with him. Here is the response of Mufti Desai: It should also be understood that every man has a nafs with him irrespective of his apparent...

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Islamophobia: How do we deal with it

By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage Everywhere we look, it seems difficult to be a Muslim these days. From asking to defend stupidity done in the name of Islam to responding to American political dogma. How do we fit it in? Do we have to be like everyone else to fit in? How do we raise a family in this contentious environment? Remember, if we just try to be like non-Muslims, they don’t need us. We become boring, mundane, and irrelevant. Every culture has something to add. And obviously we are no exception. And unfortunately we are no exception to xenophobia. Every culture in the states, for example, fell victim. From the blacks who were enslaved then told separate but equal, to the...

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