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Egypt’s veiled presenter in breakthrough TV appearance

Fatima Nabil appeared in the headscarf to read the midday news bulletin 2 September 2012 A woman presenter has appeared on Egyptian state TV in an Islamic headscarf for what is believed to be first time since it opened in 1960. Fatima Nabil wore a cream-coloured headscarf as she read a news bulletin. Under the regime of ex-President Hosni Mubarak there was an unofficial ban on women presenters covering their hair. But the new Muslim Brotherhood-led government has introduced new rules, saying that nearly 70% of Egyptian women wear the headscarf. Fatima Nabil appeared in the headscarf to read the mid-day news bulletin on Sunday. The presenter later told the BBC: “At last the revolution...

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Morsi’s Iran visit shows “Independence” from Washington

A leading member of Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood says that President Mohamed Morsi’s visit to Iran this week demonstrates the Arab nation’s “independence” from the United States. “Morsi’s presence in Tehran conveys this message to the US and Israel, that the era of Egypt’s political obedience to Washington and Tel Aviv has ended,” Sabri Amer told Iran’s Fars News Agency. Morsi will be in the Iranian capital to attend the sixteenth summit of the Nonaligned Movement, a Cold War era organization that includes African, Middle Eastern and South Asian nations as well as several countries in Latin America. In the interview, Amer lamented that while Hosni Mubarak was in power between 1981 and...

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Egypt’s Morsi moves to subdue Sinai militants

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has fired his intelligence chief and the governor of North Sinai in a major reorganization that extends to the commander of the military police. The announcement of Morsi’s decision Wednesday comes on the heels of a military operation in the Sinai Peninsula, targeting suspected Islamist militants. In a statement read on state television Wednesday, the military said it started the Sinai operation to restore stability and regain control there. Since the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak last year, parts of the Sinai have seen an increase in lawlessness. Egyptian officials say they killed 20 suspected militants in airstrikes Wednesday, hours...

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