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Tensions on Israeli-Egyptian border as 16 troops are killed

  A militant attack on an Egyptian border post in the Sinai on Sunday left at least sixteen dead and sparked major concern in Israel where officials have expressed exasperation about the lack of security in the peninsula since the fall of Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak early last year. The perpetrators, dressed in traditional bedouin drab, reportedly attacked Egyptian border guards as they stopped work at sunset to break the Ramadan fast. The militants then managed to hijack armored vehicles and tried to infiltrate Israel. They breached the border before Israeli forces stopped them, killing eight. Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi consulted with army leaders on Monday to prepare a...

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Fort in Alexandria, Egypt

The last stand in the Muslim world

The political change in the Muslim world is the recognition that the street has emerged as a source of considerable political power, writes Shahid Javed Burki Across the Muslim world, militaries are being forced to make peace with democracy There is no doubt that the military in the Islamic world is pulling back from active politics. But it is happening slowly and unevenly. This change, palpable in the six largest countries in the Muslim world, is occurring in different ways. The claim to power in Turkey was based on the military’s position that it was the guardian of Mustafa Kemal’s secularism. In Egypt, the West was made to believe that unless the military retained power, the...

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What went wrong in Egypt?

Egypt is holding presidential elections in amid a constitutional, political and economic mess. Once elected, it is not clear who will swear in the new president, or what authority the new leader will have – these powers are yet to be defined in the new permanent constitution. Many are asking what happened to the promise of change. It is complicated, to say the least. There is no simple answer as to how or why, after a breath-taking revolution, Egypt is stuck, once again polarised between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood. And today, Egyptians find themselves obliged to choose between a new version of the old regime and what many fear to be the coming of Islamist rule. Indeed,...

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