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The disintegration of modern life

By: Patrick Cockburn Source: Tom Dispatch We live in an age of disintegration. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Greater Middle East and Africa. Across the vast swath of territory between Pakistan and Nigeria, there are at least seven ongoing wars — in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and South Sudan. These conflicts are extraordinarily destructive. They are tearing apart the countries in which they are taking place in ways that make it doubtful they will ever recover. Cities like Aleppo in Syria, Ramadi in Iraq, Taiz in Yemen, and Benghazi in Libya have been partly or entirely reduced to ruins. There are also at least three other serious insurgencies: in...

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The Qazi, the reporter, and abuse of Afghan women

By: Qays Arthur Source: A promotional video featuring a Vice News reporter and an Afghan lawmaker was recently doing about as well as promotional videos can on social media. The story presented by Vice, really HBO, is one of an “ordinary” but defiant female protagonist, journalist Isobel Yeung, who confronts a living symbol of patriarchy, the bearded and turban-wearing Afghan MP and cleric Qazi Ahmad Hanafi, in defense of down-trodden Afghan women. That sounds like a great story to sell a documentary by playing on sympathies for abused Afghan women while stoking rank prejudices against the men their mothers bore. Emotive stuff designed to “go viral” but not much...

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UN asks for $393 million to aid Afghanistan

By: Source: The United Nations has launched an appeal for $393 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to reach millions of vulnerable people this year, the Associated Press reports. The UN’s humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan, Mark Bowden, and the country’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, launched the appeal on Wednesday, Jan 27, in a live national television broadcast. The 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan for Afghanistan targets millions of people in need of food and other essentials, including shelter, health care, nutrition, safe water and other necessities, Abdullah says. Abdullah says he is hopeful that donor countries will match...

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