In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Somalia 2016 HAIA emergency relief

Qurbani for Faiza: How you can help our neediest brothers and sisters

By: Alsou Kurlow Source: MuslimVillage Faiza is a 12-year-old girl living in Somalia. The second born in a family of six, she has spent her entire life in this part of the world, ravaged by war for the last two decades. Apart from the destruction, the war has deprived her of her parents prematurely and now she has to look after her four younger siblings. On a good day, they may be able to afford a meal for either lunch or dinner. And that would be due to the collective efforts of four sisters and two brothers. Literally, it is a life of hand-to-mouth. So desperate is the situation that they can’t even dream of education or decent housing. Their mud and brick home is all they inherited. Her...

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Omar Al Jamal and MFIS Greenacre students600

Malek Fahd Islamic Schools help the less fortunate abroad

By: Alsou Kurlow Source: MuslimVillage The Malek Fahd Islamic School (MFIS) in Greenacre and Hoxton Park raises funds every year for various charity projects. The fundraising efforts for 2016 were dedicated to the children of Syria and the building of water wells in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan. On 22 July 2016, representatives from Human Appeal International Australia were invited to the MFIS in the Greenacre School’s assembly to hear about their fundraising and receive the cheque for money collected. A short while after this, a surprise visit by the Human Appeal mascot Orphan Hamoudi created a fun atmosphere for students. All students were excited to meet with him. Earlier in...

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The disintegration of modern life

By: Patrick Cockburn Source: Tom Dispatch We live in an age of disintegration. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Greater Middle East and Africa. Across the vast swath of territory between Pakistan and Nigeria, there are at least seven ongoing wars — in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and South Sudan. These conflicts are extraordinarily destructive. They are tearing apart the countries in which they are taking place in ways that make it doubtful they will ever recover. Cities like Aleppo in Syria, Ramadi in Iraq, Taiz in Yemen, and Benghazi in Libya have been partly or entirely reduced to ruins. There are also at least three other serious insurgencies: in...

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