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Dealing with emotional challenges and difficulties

By: Raghad Ebied Source: Productive Muslim Sometimes we face stubborn challenges that hold us back from our dreams. They keep us ‘stuck’ and slow down our journey to fulfilling our potential, being more productive, and living life with purpose and passion. These challenges can come in the form of some sort of loss: whether a loss of health, wealth, loved ones, or loved things. They try our emotions and mentally hold us back from fulfilling the vision we have for our life. We are told in the Qur’an: “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient.”  [Qur’an: Chapter 2, Verse 155]. So the question...

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How many of the 10 fattest countries are Muslim?

By: Tyler Carlson Source: Gazette Review It’s no secret that the world has been consistently getting more and more fat over the years. In nearly every country obesity rates are on the rise: in poor countries and rich countries, in young people and old. The causes of increased obesity are easy to trace and not difficult to understand. More and more people are moving to cities. In cities, there is higher access to inexpensive, unhealthy food. People don’t need to move around as much, and often spend entire days at desks or behind computers where they don’t burn enough of the calories that they’re consuming. Our access to junk food and soda has never been greater, and our lives are becoming...

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Copies of Confronting fear, a report examining Islamophobia and its impact in the U.S. Photo courtesy of CAIR

US: Report reveals $206m Islamophobia industry

By: Halima Kazem Source: The Guardian The entire report is available here. Inciting hate toward American Muslims and Islam has become a multimillion-dollar business, according to a report released on Monday. Released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair) and University of California Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender, the report names 74 groups it says contribute in some way to Islamophobia in the US. Of those groups, it says, the primary purpose of 33 “is to promote prejudice against, or hatred of, Islam and Muslims”. The core group, which includes the Abstraction Fund, Clarion Project, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Middle East Forum, American Freedom Law Center,Center...

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