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Study: corruption rampant in Muslim lands

By: VOA News Source: VOA News Roughly 1 in 3 people in the Mideast and North Africa have had to pay a bribe for a public service, a watchdog group said Tuesday. In the report released by Transparency International, researchers found that bribes are commonly used to obtain public services, in court systems, and among regional police, as well as for medical services, identity documents, permits, electricity, and water. A majority of respondents felt that corruption is getting worse. The Berlin-based anti-corruption group surveyed nearly 11,000 adults in 9 countries and found bribery rampant. About half of respondents in Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan said they had paid bribes for public services....

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UK politicians shocked by mahrem travel rules for women

By: Lexi Finnigan  John Bingham Source: The Telegraph MV Editor’s Note: As many of our readers will know, the point that is being condemned reviled and otherwise blown completely out of proportion by some British politicians is a completely uncontroversial and mainstream Sunni ruling connected to religious belief and practice. The Blackburn Muslim Association is by no means distinct or unique in advocating mahrem restrictions for women who travel as it is a standard aspect of Islamic law with other rules about the length of prayers and so on connected to it. Fatwas and exceptions aside, no Muslim scholarly service is at liberty to present the ruling differently as to do so would be...

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US: When 20 pastors show up to visit a Mosque

By: Ben Irwin Source: To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect. We had never met our Muslim hosts prior to visiting their suburban mosque. We had never met the pastors who chose to accompany us, either. We had no idea how the discussion would go. During this year’s Q conference, a gathering of Christian thought-leaders in Denver, we hosted a conversation about how we can love our Muslim neighbors in the midst of a cultural moment dominated by ISIS, Islamophobia, and all-around fear. But we knew that any meaningful dialogue would be impossible if it did not include members of the Muslim community. One thing we’ve learned in our years of waging peace:...

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