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Bosnia women protest hijab bans

By: Source: MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to the BBC, the women marched Sunday for 30 minutes in the country’s capital of Sarajevo. Women in #Bosnia protest against restrictions on wearing the hijab in certain public institutions. via @aa_balkans — Balkanist Magazine (@Balkanist) February 7, 2016 The ban is a “serious attack against Muslim honour, personality and identity” seeking to deprive Muslim women of their right to work, one of the organizers of the protest said, as quoted by the British broadcaster. The protest comes after the country’s high judicial council banned religious symbols, explicitly mentioning...

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Survey: Americans divided on Islam and extremism

By: VOA News Source: VOA News A new survey revealed a sharp difference between Democrats and Republicans on how the next president of the United States should discuss Islamic extremism. The Pew Research Center study found 65 percent of Republicans, or those who lean Republican, want President Barack Obama’s successor to speak bluntly about Islamic extremism, even if the statements are critical of Islam as a whole. However, 70 percent of Democrats, or those who lean Democratic, think the next president should speak more carefully. Overall though, half of all Americans want the next president not to denounce Islam as a whole when talking about Islamic extremism. The survey, which was...

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Australia’s “Hijab Stylist” – Style for and by Muslim women

By: Lindsey Lanquist Source: Mashable There have been high-fashion collections inspired by the Middle East and ready-to-wear lines featuring hijabs and abayas. But fashion-forward clothing for Muslim women by Muslim women has been missing from the industry — until now. Australia’s Zulfiye Tufa, of the blog “The Hijab Stylist,” is changing that and bringing modest clothing to the forefront of the fashion conversation. The 26-year-old pharmacist began blogging when she saw a void in the fashion industry for chic modest clothing. She provided styling tips for other women and focused on “interpreting fashion through the lens of faith,” as she told...

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