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Morality and everyday living

By: Osman Nuri Topbaş Source: Osman Nuri Topbaş Islam is not a life comprised only of belief and acts of worship. In addition to belief and worship, it is the system of exceedingly delicate balances minutely regulating every field of life, such as social relations, morality and especially rights and justice. For Islam is the religion of truth that Allah Almighty, Who created human beings and Who therefore knows them better than they know themselves, revealed in order to teach them how to live in this world. Every discerning believer must deepen in pondering upon the following questions: What is this world? Why did we come here? In which direction are our fleeting days flowing? How must I...

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Another former anti-Muslim Dutch politician becomes Muslim

By: Source: A second former PVV politician has converted to Islam, this time after having a change of heart while writing what was supposed to be a critical book. Joram van Klaveren, who left the PVV after leader Geert Wilders led an anti-Muslim chant in 2014 and formed his own party, told the NRC that his view on Islam changed while writing and that he has now formally converted. ‘If you believe in one god and that Mohammed was a prophet, alongside Jesus and Moses, then you are a Muslim,’ Van Klaveren, who has orthodox Protestant roots, told the paper. During his seven years as an MP for the anti-Muslim party, Van Klaveren was an outspoken critic of Islam,...

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South American Muslim communities: Muslims in Guyana

By: Ismail Eddegdag Source: MVSLIM Islam originated in present-day Saudi Arabia and therefore it is repeatedly mentioned in the same breath with the Middle East. However, religion has much more to it than only its geographical origins. Muslims are very diverse, in all kinds of ways. Guyana: a multi-ethnic country There are few regions that are more Christian than Latin America, but somewhere between Brazil and Venezuela there is a relatively small country where less than 60% of the population is Christian. The bulk of the remaining 40% is filled by Hindus and Muslims. This multi-ethnic country is named Guyana and is inhabited by just under a million people. Another remarkable thing about...

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