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Forgiveness: The gift in the middle of Ramadan

By: Maria Zain Source: Forgiveness has been a recurring theme throughout the realm of creation. From the moment God created the first man – Adam (peace be upon him) – Iblis (Satan) was denied forgiveness after defying God’s command to prostrate before the first man of creation. Iblis was left to roam around Paradise, but wasn’t forgiven and it’s a well known narration that Iblis would never be forgiven despite his duration on earth, and will eventually become a dweller of Hellfire. The story of creation of course continues with the creation of Hawa (Eve). Adam and his wife, Eve, were lured into consuming forbidden fruit, both made the first error as far as God...

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Family bonds in Ramadan: 9 tips to keep them

By: Abu Productive Source: ProductiveMuslim Never has a religion emphasized the importance of maintaining the ties of kinship and building strong bonds with one’s relatives/family than the religion of Islam. With verses revealed on this topic, and many ahadith narrated about this virtue, it is ironic to see Muslims today far from this practice and not upholding their ties of kinship. With the breakdown of the traditional ‘big’ family structures and mass migration of Muslims from villages to cities and various countries, we’ve lost touch with our relatives and our kin and unfortunately, by default, we’ve cut our ties of kinship. Ask yourself, how many of your parents’ brothers and sisters...

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Ramadan: Spirituality or Shopping?

  By: Maryam Hedayat Source: In today’s time where the real meaning of everything seems to be changing: love, humanity, kindness and sympathy, so has the essence of Ramadan in the eyes of many of us. It seems as if many people at the beginning of this month are very excited and enthusiastic about the sacredness of the month – offering five times of prayer on time with Taraweeh, avoiding all types of forbidden acts and so on. But as soon as the fifth or sixth day of Ramadan is passed, the interest, respect and the spirituality can appear to be fading. Many among us may start returning to the previous routine. In some Muslim households, the influence of Ramadan...

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