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Anti-Muslim immigration petition stirs community anger in Australia

by MV Media
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Feb 16 2011

A new petition in the Australian Federal Parliament for a ten-year moratorium on Muslim immigrants is drawing the fury of the Muslim community in the country.

“That’s hardly a loving Christian to be very selective in whom you want to enter in your home,” Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, told the Herald Sun on Tuesday, February 15.

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries presented a petition calling for a 10-year suspension of Muslim immigration into Australia and for a review of the country’s immigration policy to ensure priority is given to Christians.

“For God’s sake we’ve gone beyond the white Australia policy and now we are talking about … a policy that only allows Christians,” said Patel.

The petition cites the constitution, the founding fathers and the currently parliament prayer to insist that Australia is a Christian commonwealth.

It also insists on rejecting what it describes as ‘attempts to establish a Muslim nation in Australia’.

Senator Humphries said the petition expresses a view about Australia’s immigration policy and wasn’t racially vilifying.

“A number of senators had refused to do so and having read the content I can understand why,” he told the Canberra Times.

“But my long-standing position on petitions is that it is the right of every Australian to put their point of view to the Australian Parliament.”

Muslim immigration and multiculturalism have become a heated debate in Australia, a country where one quarter of the population is immigrants and one that was long celebrated as a melting pot for immigrants.

Australia Muslims have been haunted with suspicion and have had their patriotism questioned in post 9/11.

A 2007 poll taken by the Issues Deliberation Australia (IDA) think-tank found that Australians basically see Islam as a threat to the Australian way of life.

A recent governmental report revealed that Muslims are facing deep-seated Islamophobia and race-based treatment like never before.


Senator Humphries insisted that his petition was not against Muslims, but should be accepted in the frame of free speech.

“I certainly don’t agree with what’s in the document,” he told ABC Radio on Tuesday, February 15.

“I don’t agree with the sentiments expressed by the petitioners.”

He, however, insisted that he was a friend of Canberra’s Islamic community.

“Many Muslims are my friends and I hope they’ll remain my friends,” he said.

“But I believe that they have the right to put that point of view in front of the members of the Federal Parliament.”

But ACT Labor senator Kate Lundy, who is also parliamentary secretary for immigration and citizenship, criticized the anti-Muslim petition.

“I would not have tabled this petition,” she said.

“All citizens are entitled to request that their petitions are tabled in the Parliament and all senators exercise their own judgment.

“The Government is committed to Australia’s brand of multiculturalism which has seen the integration and the peaceful settlement of 7 million migrants since the Second World War.”

Disappointed by the position, Patel, the Muslim leader, said he would write to the senator for explanation.

“The least we would have expected from him is to let us know what he was going to do,” Patel said.

“It is just quite disappointing to have something as despicable as this and for him to put it in [the Senate]. And then it makes the world stage by being discussed in the Senate.

“You either put it in and back it or you take Senator Kate Lundy’s view that…she chose not to put it forward because it was an abhorrent position.”

Leara 5pts

I think it is soley the attitude toward women and the perceived threat to feminism that most people object to rather than the actual religion. We live in a free democratic society where women are both free and equal to men. No other religion preaches wiping out infidels. People often carry on about the Bible as being violent but the NEW testament is not. It preaches love, not hate. Jesus came to show Christians the RIGHT way to live, so all that is written in the OLD testament is updated by the NEW.

das_borg 5pts

stone the crows 'truthjustice' when was the last crime in the name of johova as he /she has blown themselves up ? when has the last christian been martred and worshiped a a saviour ....everyday i see and read of islamic crimes , rapes , murders , extortion , drugs , theft , driveby shootings and the attempted plots of mass murder at football ovals and military bases , and the vile and evil speaches by islamic imams , the calling of fatwahs and death to whoever insult the phrophet or islam .....the recient sydney riot was a shameful exercise of what islam is like by the smashing of pollice ccars and private property ! ..........we christians dont riot or go berko ;;;;;

and how dare you say you were invaded had no cities , no farms , no history , no buildings , no nothing ....just dirt and rocks like the persons from the middle east .............nothing has changed or been learnt since the muslim contact ............its like fred flintstone and a palistinian have things in common as when fred flintstone and a palestinian look out the window they both see rubble ...

dont forget the acid attacks and the girl shot in the head , and the attempted blowing up of aircraft , .....

TruthJustice 5pts

For those who say that the Quran is violent....the majority of the violence in the Quran is Defensive, bar only a few, which were attempts at the expansion of the Islamic Empire that was surrounded by the Persian Sassanids and the Byzantines who were economically and socially choking the Muslims. Islam never spread via violence anywhere in the world. Ever.


According to the 2011 book “Laying Down the Sword” by Phillip Jenkins a professor on the Historical Studies of Religion at Cambridge explores the violent verses of the Bible and the Quran and Jenkins came to the conclusion that by a margin of about 7 to 1, the Bible itself preaches more violence than the Quran does. Jenkins continues “The Bible contains far more verses praising or urging bloodshed than does the Quran, and biblical violence is often far more extreme, and marked by more indiscriminate savagery. Commands to kill, to commit ethnic cleansing, to institutionalize segregation, to hate and fear other races and religions . . . all are in the Bible, and occur with a far greater frequency than in the Quran.”


Muslims were here 200 years before white invasion. Many Aborigines converted to Islam during the 400 year history. Islam whether you like it or not was and has been a part of Australia for over 400 years. Maybe some of you need to get edumacated in History. If you don't like facts then there are planes leaving for Europe and the Uk everyday. Leave the rest of us logical people alone and take your illogical arguements with you.

Trojan 5pts

Where can I sign?

7C Boots
7C Boots 5pts

0% Christian Extremists-99.9% Muslim Extremists. The religion of peace, is a farce. Muslim say they are going to dominate the world, What part of "Islam is going to dominate the world", don't people get? What part of all western womem will wear Hijabbe, don't people get? Islamic doctrinated people, shout, scream, swear, burn the host countries flag, rape women, stone, behead and thigh infants, and tell us all repeatedly they won't be happy until the world is a Caliphate. Islam has declared Jihad on the West, yes they did. Islam is at war with the rest of the world. Islam hates everything n0n-muslim, Islam has set itself up to be superior, and now it reaps it's own reward. Most of the rest of the world hate Islam. 1.6 Billion Muslims, 5 Billion others (all of whom Islam wants to dominate)
I signed the petition, and I''ll sign it again and again. The religion of peace, ptoohey

An elder
An elder 5pts

People centuries ago were afraid of the eclipse of the sun. Human beings are still evolving and as I said before ignorance makes people fearful. But there are extremists on both sides of religion. Before we evolved to where we are now, people were burned at the stake as witches, then there was the Inquisition. So it would seem religion and its extremists have a lot to answer for.

An elder
An elder 5pts

Layla, I think you have the right attitude. It is a human foible to be afraid of something you dont know or understand.

zomg 5pts

The Liberals shoot themselves in the foot by having Nazi element in their party. AUSTRALIANS SAY NO TO FASCISM!

Layla 5pts

I actually laughed reading most of the comments. Why can't we all just relax a little, we invent problems where there are none, and make bigger the problems we do have.

We need more love going around. People who are afraid of Muslims or concerned about having them around think the way they do based on their experiences, and most of those experiences occur with a television set, radio, or newspaper and not with Muslims and certainly not with Muslims following our Prophetic example, otherwise there would be zero cause for concern.

I think all the Muslims in Australia should smile at people more when they are going about their daily business and realise that we are in a position where we need to make more of an effort to allow people to know us, we need to be friendlier and more open and just let people know who we are, and that there is nothing to worry about.

Human nature is human nature and you get the good, bad and ugly everywhere. People shouldn't feel afraid of Islam and Muslims. Islam is beautiful, I wish more people knew that,

aussie 5pts

I used to have no questions about my childrens happy and safe future. i now worry what the future holds for them now that my wonderful country is being changed and overrun by these muslims. No more, we have enough and they will breed the rest of us out anyway.

Fed Up
Fed Up 5pts

Why would so many Muslim/Islamists come to a country, like Australia, where you call us all dogs, having free sex and 'apparent' alcoholism (Which of course is not true... I for one do not drink) , in the first place? Why have so many flocked here if we are all so bad? I can tell you now, I WOULD NEVER go to an Islamic country, as your beliefs are are cruel and de-meaning...why would'nt you all go to a Muslim Country- this is what has alot of Aussies angry and has left us scratching our heads...what is there to gain, by coming to a VERY Non-Islamist country, where we do not accept your Koran, your Burkas, and your lack of assimilation? You don't come to a country looking for shelter, then destroy everything our Country has given you! And that is freedom for men AND Women? Its OUR country, live by our rules...or I guess you will have to face the same treatment as you would give us if we entered your country and behaved in an appalling manner!

Aussie Freedom
Aussie Freedom 5pts

There are 22 Muslim countries, many of which are vast. Most of these countries were conquered by the sword of Islam, as encouraged in the Quran and the Hadith. If Muslims want to like Islamic lives, then residing in any one of these 22 nations will have to suffice. We can not afford to cede one inch of Australia to Islam. One of Islam's central tenets is that a land once conquered for "Allah" can NEVER be taken back - this is why they are so insane about Israel. I defy ANYONE to tell me ONE positive contribution that Islam has made to the world. Just ONE. No Sharia Law on Australia. Not now. Not ever.

muslim soldier
muslim soldier 5pts

"In 1997, the British Runnymede Trust defined Islamophobia as the "dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, to the fear and dislike of all Muslims," stating that it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social, and public life of the nation." we are humans and we have rights like anyone else. its none of anyones businees what we believe and practice. non-muslims say that muslims always want to be right ! that is not completly true. to them muslims are never right, there are muslim countries living in fear and torture being opressed , that cant fight because the lack of power , money , and weapons. but the non-muslims still point their fingers and say its the muslims doing it. IS THAT HUMANE??? NON-MUSLIMS ARE VERY IGNORANT hating muslims because your told to by another human being. and now in australia trying to stop muslims from eating what they want , how they want? PATHETIC . so why dont there be a law prohibiting vegetarians???? no one is forced to accept halal food, is it wrong that muslims , while slaughtering an animal , mention gods name?

Maz 5pts

Demonstrations are not illegal, it is the right of the people to voice their opinions and dissatisfaction with those in authority. That includes countries like Egypt. Which country is perfect anyway? I honestly don't know who are "demanding" separate toilets but maybe you could share that with us? Non-Muslims are more than welcome in mosques, again, if you've had personal experience being thrown out of a mosque maybe you could share that with us also? I would visit that mosque and demand an explanation. Muslims don't marry non-Muslims because it is part of their faith that they marry believers. No one is making anyone eat halal meat, if you actually look at how meat becomes halal you'll find that it is actually a good thing, plus kosher is just like halal, did you know that? Halal meat involves killing animals humanely so that they don't suffer. So what if a minority want a Caliphate? That doesn't mean they will get it. Its laughable to even fear a caliphate in Australia for example because it will not happen. If people are after an idea and they go about it peacefully, so what? I have Jehovah's witnesses knock on my door and give me things to read, Im not going to run away and start screaming that they're trying to convert me. I thank them, close the door and put their magazines in the recycle bin. Women are respected in Islam, that is their bodies and physical attributes are theirs and not for the rest of the world to ogle at. I personally feel special knowing that my body is my body and that I don't have to parade it for people to fit in and be Australian. Being Australian or being a member of society does not insinuate that one must be brainless and go with the flow. Multiculturalism has worked in all parts of the world. It only doesn't work when you're prejudiced, discriminatory and closed-minded. There's always us and them, that's why there's Islamaphobia, racism, sexism, etc. If we step outside our comfort zones and look at the world through objective lenses, we'll find that no one side is the right side, there are usually problems on both sides, to differing degrees. Ciao.

Maz 5pts

Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if we could all get rid of this "us" and "them" mentality and call a spade a spade? Its not about Muslims versus non-Muslims or at least it shouldn't be. This petition is in no way an objective move to somehow better Australia's migration system. Its racist and disciminatory, and further does not represent Christian values (unless of course there's a new form of Christianity Im not aware of). Those like Gary Humphries need to wake up and stop the fear-mongering. Which Muslims are trying to establish Australia as a Muslim nation? That is hilarious. Does he have any idea what percentage of Aus is Muslim? In 2006, only 1.71% of Australia's population was Muslim!
Dave: I have a feeling you came up with that joke all by yourself. Pure Genius.
Aussie: why should citizens of a nation feel resentment towards migrants? I hope you're not trying to excuse xenophobia just because it exists.

Chaaban Omran
Chaaban Omran 5pts

I think Senators Cory Bernadi and Gary Humphries have been having drinks together... one too many I think!

Dave The Kaffur
Dave The Kaffur 5pts

Dave - You are a massive hater. I kind of hope that your daughter one day goes out with a Muslim, falls in love with him and marries him. And then you have Muslim grandchildren....that would be cool

Wouldn't happen Majid. You see 99% of us aussies are like you muslims. We enforce a belief in our children to stick to their religon and culture. You all could understand that. Couldn't you?

fedup! 5pts

If western nations would stop invading muslim countries and causing oppression and injustice there, maybe these people wouldnt want to leave their families, homes, businesses, country, and LIVES to come to a country of people who do not want them in the first place!!

Dave The Kaffur
Dave The Kaffur 5pts

I heard a great joke the other day- What's big, round and hates muslims? Answer - The world!

Majid 5pts

Senator Humphries, is a classic example of why people are continually becomming even more polarised and marginalised in society. If this country ever accepted this outragous proposal, I as an Australian Muslim, would be shattered. My entire family to this day have continued working hard, abiding by the law and paying taxes - with the belief that we are part of this country. I dont know any other country. And i thought this country was 'secular?' Yeah right...

Aussie 5pts

If moslems do not want to be on the receiving end of xenophobia then they need to stop assuming that they can all just come to Australia, or other countries, as they please. And our governments need to stop facilitating this.

Immigration from moslem countries is fine, but it needs to be socially sustainable as well as ecologically sustainable. Socially sustainable = gradual so that it minimises xenophobia among the resident population.

Aussie 5pts

The fact is that when there is a large influx of foreign nationals of any ethnicity/religion then citizens of country always feel resentment. If immigration tables were turned on you in your country of origin then you would react in EXACTLY the same way as Australian, of british decent, are reacting now.

Xenophobia is universal and instinctual human behaviour and is a double edged sword. It pervades all socieites. Consider the xenophobia between NSW and VIC and between NSW and QLD, consider the xenophobia between Collingwood supporters and supporters of other AFL clubs, consider the xenophobia between Coles and Franklins (used to work for a Coles store), consider the xenophobia between different departments within a large corporation e.g. IT and business departments, consider the xenophobia between Siite and Sunni moslems. Some of this xenophobia is good natured and harmless, but it is never the less xenophobia identicle to that which exists between moslem immigrants and anglo-saxon Australian citizens.

While it brings about such unfavourable reactions to large numbers of 'outsiders', it also allows humans to form cohesive societies and organisations between peoples of the same ethnicity and culture. In that way it is essential for our humanity.

velid 5pts

99% of australians are immigrants. the article incorrectly states only a 25%.

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