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From “extremism” to “jihad”: How anti-terror policy changes under Trump

By: Khaled A Beydoun Source: Al Jazeera On January 21, one day after US President Donald Trump was sworn into office, the resistance was inaugurated by way of women’s marches across the country. Muslim-Americans were prominent in these marches, with civil rights leaders such as  Linda Sarsour organising and addressing the Washington, DC, crowd, and Muslim American women leading offshoot marches. The ubiquitous displays of non-Muslims chanting slogans and holding signs in defence of Muslims was heart-warming. As Muslim women and men marched, however, the looming perils of Trump’s counterterror programme – still largely undefined – raced through their minds. The day...

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The Australian mosque

By: Sam Bowker, Charles Sturt University Source: The Conversation I presented a slide of an Afghan cameleer’s mosque to a conference of art historians last year, noting that this was Australia’s most distinctive contribution to Islamic architecture. Some of them laughed. It was, after all, little more than a corrugated iron shed, stained and dented, a humble outback structure that serves its purpose and makes no claims to magnificence. Our “Afghan” mosques – made by skilled cameleers and traders from Afghanistan and beyond – are unique to Australia and they are remarkable. But should these 19th and early 20th-century regional buildings define our concept of a typically Australian mosque...

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Australia: Can Muslims be loyal citizens?

By: Rawaa El Ayoubi Gebara Source: LinkedIn The events of 9/11 delivered a serious blow to Australia’s multicultural society. Australian Muslims, in particular, began to feel excluded and the wider community began to treat Muslims with suspicion. The question of identity came to the forefront. More than ever, Australian Muslims were faced with the challenge of remaining faithful to the essence of Islam and engaging with society in a manner that pursues the dignity and welfare of all. Faced with many challenges, Australian Muslims are aware that society has changed. This sense of instability, combined with faithfulness to a religion, has given rise to some fears and question that are...

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