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The Fiqh of menstruation: why it’s important and how to learn it

By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage For many Muslim women, the rulings regarding menstruation, postpartum bleeding and abnormal discharge can be confusing. To know what is a true menstruation versus istihada or abnormal bleeding is important in order to fulfill acts of worship such as purification, salah, sawm, Hajj, reading Qur’an, etc. And married men and women need to know when to abstain or resume marital relations. Also, if a woman is experiencing istihada does she make wudu before every prayer or ghusl? For many women who experience perimenopause, it can be a bewildering time. After having a normal menstrual cycle for decades everything is turned upside down. It is possible for a...

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Abraham and the sacrifice

By: Imam Kamil Mufti Source: It had been close to ten years since Abraham had left his wife and baby in Mecca in the care of God.  After a two month journey, he was surprised to find Mecca a lot different than how he had left it.  The joy of reunion was soon interrupted by a vision which was to be the ultimate test of his faith.  God commanded Abraham through a dream to sacrifice his son, the son he had had after years of prayers and had just met after a decade of separation. We know from the Quran that the child to be sacrificed was Ishmael, as God, when giving the glad tidings of the birth of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah, also gave the glad tidings of a grandson, Jacob...

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Marriage as a means to wilaiya (sainthood)

By: Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (Allah have mercy on him) Source: The Wife The sawaab (reward) for the sabr (patience) a woman exercises over her difficulties in managing the home of her husband and fulfilling the rights of her husband and children sometimes is such, which makes her ‘reach’ Allah, Most High, very quickly. This, however, is conditional on her obedience to Allah, Most High – fulfilling His rights, the rights of His Rasul (Allah’s peace be upon him), as well as the rights of His Creation. Women who have a number of children, sometimes even a temperamental husband, together with many household chores and other responsibilities sometimes think that they...

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