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Islamic political party founded in Egypt

For the first time in fifteen years, an Egyptian court has licensed a moderate Islamic political party, al-Wasat. Al-Wasat was previously denied a license under the regime of former president Hosni Mubarak, as was any party with a religious basis.

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Egyptian ex-ministers trialled and jailed for corruption

Egypt arrested three ex-ministers and former top party member for corruption, on charges of diverting public funds known to be in the billions. Their accounts had been frozen and they were initially barred from leaving Egypt.

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Libyans in fiery clash with government officials

Clashes have been reported across the country, as security forces and government supporters confront demonstrators. Chants of “No God but Allah, Muammar is the enemy of Allah,” could be heard. Police stations were burnt down as the protests heated up.

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Egypt’s leaders may have cost their nation tens of billions

Corruption, tax evasion and crime have cost Egypt approximately $6 billion (Dh22.03 billion) annually and a total of $57.2 billion from 2000 to 2008 in illicit financial activities and government corruption. Privately held wealth is enough to cover $32b foreign debt.

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Egyptian media revolt: cleaning out the bias

With Hosni Mubarak out as president of Egypt, the staff of the state-owned Al-Gomhuria newspaper have launched a revolt of their own. Chief editors were barred from their own offices, the Egyptian Ministry of (mis)Information has been described as an anachronism in this age.

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The Muslim Brotherhood dilemma

For a number of prominent politicians and commentators, especially those closely associated with the so-called “Israel lobby”, the Brotherhood’s possible pathway to power in Cairo constitutes the nightmare scenario which Washington should do everything it can to prevent.

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Avoiding a new Pharaoh

So Hosni Mubarak is out.But the game isn’t over, and now a word of caution. I worry that senior generals may want to keep (with some changes) a Mubarak-style government without Mubarak. In essence the regime may have decided that Mubarak had become a liability and thrown him overboard — without any intention of instituting the kind of broad, meaningful democracy that the public wants.

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Change is in the air: building a legacy and reviving a dormant nation

If you have been searching for good news from Egypt, know this. It has been near 800 years, during the time of Saladin the Great, since the Muslims witnessed a massive victory. Yet change is in the air and a legacy is in the making.

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The Egyptian revolt is coming home

The uprising in Egypt has discredited every Western media stereotype about the Arabs. The courage, determination, eloquence and grace of those in Liberation Square contrast with “our” specious fear-mongering with its al-Qaeda and Iran bogeys and iron-clad assumptions, bereft of irony, of the “moral leadership of the West”.

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Muslim Brotherhood likely to win in an election

The Muslim Brotherhood are most suited to win if an election does take place. The Muslim Brotherhood will insist that a vote for them is a vote for the law of Allah, the Shariah.

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