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Could arranged marriages be better?

By: Jamye Waxman Source: Cafe Mom I’m not going to make light of the problems with arranged marriages. Nothing is perfect and I value the freedom to choose. But as a 30-something single woman still looking for her soul mate, I often wonder how much easier things would be if someone else would do the looking for me. Like lots of other tasks, finding love is a full-time job. So much so that I sometimes wonder if having an arranged marriage would make me more productive in other areas of my life. With divorce rates at around 50 percent in the western world, even romantic love isn’t perfect half of the time. This proves that when we leave our love to choice, or more likely chance,...

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On Obama’s first presidential mosque visit

By: RT Source: RT President Obama speaks against Islamophobia and on the other hand is passively reinforcing the framework that Muslims and terrorism are synonymous or have to be in the same conversation, Dawud Walid, Council on American-Islamic Relations told RT. US President Barack Obama delivered a speech at a mosque in Baltimore, Maryland on Wednesday. It was his first visit to mosque in the US, and was meant to comfort the American Muslim community. Obama was attempting to make it clear that Muslims are more than welcome in the country. RT: Obama says he visited the mosque to support American Muslims, but people on twitter seem to think it is too late for that. Why has this issue...

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“Migration” as a weapon of war

By: Catherine Shakdam Source: RT Today, war refugees have become headlines onto themselves. Whether referred to as migrants or asylum seekers by a well-thinking media complex, the semantics of this new crisis nevertheless betrays a very globalist agenda – yet more engineering, yet more manipulation. With war raging on in the Middle East, millions of people were forced to flee before the advances of terror. Trapped in a conflict which was not of their making, and hunted by armies which have sought only their enslavement and/or annihilation, communities have chosen exile over death, chased out of their lands by the brutality of war. In the face of such human tragedy, Europe opened its...

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