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Santa Barbara City College written in Arabic by second year Arabic language student and Political Science major Michael Levitt, 20, in class in the IDC Building on West Campus, Monday April 21, 2014 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Professor Jazmin Puignau is the sole teacher for the Modern Standard Arabic courses at City College; interested students can enroll for Beginning Arabic I for Fall 2014 semester with two classes offered.

Islamophobia and the criminalization of Arabic

By: Yasir Suleiman Source: Al Jazeera Discussing conflict, the Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) told us decades ago that when language comes to the fore as an issue in society, we should conclude that there are non-linguistic issues simmering under the surface. The opposite is also true: conflict, whether political or social, can bring language to the fore as a site of non-linguistic meaning. In extreme cases, languages can be criminalised after their own people. Arabic, in the West, provides a sad example of emerging criminalisation. Here is how the criminalisation argument runs: since Arabic is organically linked with Islam and Muslims as the language of faith, and...

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Is the gold standard coming back?

By: Sputnik News Source: Sputnik News Demand for gold has jumped almost 21 percent in the first quarter of 2016, causing some to question whether paper money is doomed and if the gold standard is due for a comeback. In their latest Liberty Report, former US Republican congressman Dr. Ron Paul and American political analyst Daniel McAdams focused their attention on the fact that the idea of reviving the gold standard has recently caught its second wind. Although the US financial establishment has repeatedly attacked gold, claiming that it “is not money,” the price of the precious metal has made leaps and bounds over the past sixteen years, soaring from $300 per ounce in the...

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Anger in Turkey sheds light on issues with Islamic Fashion

By: Riada Ašimović Akyol Source: Istanbul played host to Modest Fashion Week May 13-14 at the Haydarpasa railway station. The event was the first of its kind in Turkey and was organized by, an online retailer of Muslim fashion, in collaboration with the Islamic Fashion and Design Council. The program included fashion shows, panels and workshops on a variety of topics including marketing, social media, branding and gastronomy. Among the guests were fashion blogger Dina Tokio; Haneefah Adam, creator of Hijarbie; Mariah Idrissi, the first hijab-wearing model for global modest brands; Kuwaiti influencer Fatema Al Awadhi; CEO of Haute Hijab Melanie Elturk; and many...

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