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The Gulen Movement and the Turkish state

By: Abbas Djavadi Source: RFE/RL Since Turkey’s failed July 15 coup, the Turkish authorities have accused U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen of being behind the attempted takeover of power. It is an explanation that is widely accepted across Turkey. A brief look at the history of Gulen’s movement helps explain why. What Does The Movement Want? Gulen was originally a supporter of Said Nursi, an Ottoman-Kurdish scholar from the Hanefi school of Sunni Islam. But in the 1970s, Gulen formed a sect of his own that people later called “Gulen Camaati” (Gulen community or movement). Like any other Islamic sect under the strictly secular and pro-military Turkish governments, Gulen’s...

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epa05429068 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stands next to a coffin of a victim who was killed in a coup attempt on 16 July, during the funeral at Fatih Mosque, in Istanbul, Turkey, 17 July 2016. Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim reportedly said that the Turkish military was involved in an attempted coup d'etat. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denounced the coup attempt as an 'act of treason' and insisted his government remains in charge. Some 104 coup plotters were killed, 90 people - 41 of them police and 47 are civilians - 'fell martrys', after an attempt to bring down the Turkish government, the acting army chief General Umit Dundar said in a televised appearance.  EPA/TOLGA BOZOGLU

Why is Erdogan being demonized?

By: Soumaya Ghannoushi Source: Many masks have slipped since Turkey’s failed military coup last Friday, such that a great many on the right and the left alike, who never tire of eulogising about democracy and human rights, the masses, and people power have been exposed as little more than pseudo liberals and fake democrats. Ironically, the same western “experts”, “analysts” and “commentators”, who had in the last Turkish elections gleefully predicted the overthrow of the AKP but were sorely disappointed after its victory, have committed an even more colossal error of judgment this time round. Instead of expressing a clear principled stance against military coups and in...

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Turkey: How an iPhone defeated tanks

By: David Hearst, Editor Middle East Eye Source: Huffington Post To mount a coup, senior Turkish army officers from the commando units, land forces, the first and fourth armies, and the airforce went to extreme lengths to seize power. They occupied two airports and closed a third. They attempted to separate the European from the Asian sides of Istanbul. They bombed the parliament in Ankara nine times. There was a pitched battled outside the headquarters of MIT the Turkish intelligence agency. They deployed tanks, helicopter gunships and F16 jets. To defeat the coup, the Turkish president used his iPhone. Mosques used their loudspeakers, broadcasting the call to prayer hours before dawn....

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