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Why are extra US forces in Syria?

By: Carla Babb Source: VOA News THE PENTAGON – The additional 250 U.S. special operations troops heading to Syria in the coming days will be a “force multiplier,” meeting with local fighters and providing expertise to Syrians willing to take on Islamic State, according to the Pentagon. “This is as much about introductions and connections and seeing what we can do to support those forces, some of whom we don’t know yet,” Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook told reporters Monday. “That’s what the main task of these additional forces will be.” President Barack Obama announced earlier in the day that the new personnel would join a team of...

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Texas: Muslims and police come together

By: Katie Urbaszewski Source: MyStatesman When terror strikes in a Paris or a Brussels, police in Austin step up their patrols around mosques — not to search for terrorists but to ensure safety of Muslims here. “Whenever these attacks happen, we get a call from a police department saying, ‘We’re patrolling. You might be seeing more visibility,’ ” said Nur Ahmad. Ahmad — the North Austin Muslim Community Center’s imam, or priest — said he appreciates the department’s presence. After such large-scale terrorist attacks by jihadists, the fear of other terror attacks may grow among some non-Muslim Americans. Austin imams said American Muslims share those fears but also must worry about...

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US state declares pornography a public health crisis

By: Sharon Bernstein Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage (Reuters) – Utah on Tuesday declared pornography a public health hazard and mandated that computer technicians who find child pornography on a computer report it to law enforcement authorities in Republican-backed moves supported by the Mormon Church. The resolution declares pornography an epidemic that normalizes violence against women and children and makes men less likely to want to get married. It was signed by Republican Governor Gary Herbert after being passed by the Republican-led legislature in the conservative and heavily Mormon state with the support of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography, backed by the Church of...

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