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The Iranian disinformation machine

By: Reuters Source: Reuters LONDON, WASHINGTON: Nile Net Online website promises Egyptians “true news” from its offices in the heart of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, “to expand the scope of freedom of expression in the Arab world.” Its views on America do not chime with those of Egypt’s state media, which celebrate Donald Trump’s warm relations with Cairo. In one recent article, Nile Net Online derided the American president as a “low-level theater actor” who “turned America into a laughing stock” after he attacked Iran in a speech at the UN. Until recently, Nile Net Online had more than 115,000 page-followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But its contact telephone numbers, including...

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UN warns 1 million children at risk in Middle East winter

By: AFP Source: AFP AMMAN: The UN children’s fund warned Tuesday that a funding gap and the start of winter could leave nearly one million children “out in the cold” in the Middle East and North Africa let's play herunterladen. “Years of conflict, displacement and unemployment have reduced families’ financial resources to almost nothing. Staying warm has simply become unaffordable,” said Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF regional director for the Middle East and North Africa videos herunterladen für whatsapp. The UN agency said it was facing a $33-million funding gap –- two thirds of its total allocation — for assistance to children across the region this winter lg oled tv apps. Cold and rainy...

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US: Man pulls gun on Muslim teens at Minnesota McDonald’s

By: #MuslimGirl Source: #MuslimGirl Four Muslim teenagers, Farida Osman, Jihan Abdullahi, Amal Mohammed, and Zainab Hassan, were left stunned, and terrified Monday evening, when a patron at a Minnesota-based McDonald’s pulled out a gun, and aimed it directly at them over his own petty petulance falk navi manager herunterladen. Watch all the videos from the incident here herunterladen. One of the teens on the receiving end of this unhinged man’s weapon, Farida, told MuslimGirl that the confrontation commenced because the gunman lost his temper at being called out for his racist behavior herunterladen. “Basically my friends and I were studying at the library down the street when we decided...

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