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The woman behind Hijarbie

By: Maggie Downs Source: Baby Center Blog Mattel recently gave Barbie a makeover, unveiling dolls in petite, tall, and curvy body shapes, seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 14 new face sculpts. But Nigerian medical student Haneefah Adam has given Barbie something else — religion. Meet Hijarbie, who flaunts mini hijab fashion that is both stylish and modest. Adam was inspired to create an Instagram account for Hijarbie after seeing accounts for other dolls, like Barbie. None of them reflected Adam’s reality — or the reality for millions of hijab-wearing Muslim girls all over the world. Adam wanted a doll that was a little more relatable. “I decided to fill that gap and started documenting...

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Too much TV or sitting can actually kill you

By: Rick Pantaleo Source: VOA News A new Japanese study finds that binge watching television could kill you. Binge watching, or viewing a number of movies or a television program’s episodes in one sitting, has become a popular pastime in parts of the world. This 18 year study, involving more than 86,000 people, revealed that those who sit and watch a lot of television in a day have a higher risk of dying from a pulmonary embolism or PE – a sudden blockage or blood clot in one of the lung’s pulmonary arteries. According to the Mayo Clinic, in most cases a pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from mostly the legs but also, rarely, from other parts of the body...

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Iranian biopic on the Prophet (pbuh) released to muted response

By: Phil Hoad Source: The Guardian It had the potential to be one of the most inflammatory film projects of recent times. Yet the world premiere of Iranian director Majid Majidi’s biopic of the prophet Muhammad not only passed mostly without incident, but even amicably – with a surprise call for rapprochement between the religion’s Sunni and Shia sects. A small group of protesters gathered outside the Imperial cinema, Montreal, where the premiere was held. Holding signs declaring, “Down with Islamic republic of Iran”, members of the city’s Iranian community objected to what they saw as a glorification of the Islamisation of Iran. The mood inside the press conference for the film – the...

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