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Sounds of Light 2017 – A unique charity concert

By: Human Appeal Australia Source: MuslimVillage The internationally-recognised Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SoL) was held in all major cities of Australia from 23 to 27 November 2017. SOL is a mega-event on the calendar of the Australian Muslim community with destinations nationwide in order to bring Muslim communities together for an evening of delightful entertainment and benefit orphans and disadvantaged children overseas. This year SoL concerts were held in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where crowd favourite Maher Zain from Sweden returned to Australia along with comedian Preacher Moss from the US, singer Siedd from Canada, sensational young talent Harris J from...

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Teen suicide and social media: Is there a link?

By: AP Source: VOA News CHICAGO — An increase in suicide rates among U.S. teens occurred at the same time social media use surged and a new analysis suggests there may be a link. Suicide rates for teens rose between 2010 and 2015 after they had declined for nearly two decades, according to data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why the rates went up isn’t known. The study doesn’t answer the question, but it suggests that one factor could be rising social media use. Recent teen suicides have been blamed on cyberbullying, and social media posts depicting “perfect” lives may be taking a toll on teens’ mental health, researchers say....

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Qatari escape: Dune bashing in the desert

By: Quentin Müller Source: Middle East Eye DOHA – Clouds of sand rise behind two 4×4 vehicles as they plummet down a steep sand dune in Khor al-Adaid, or the Inland Sea, south of the country’s capital Doha. Their loud engines rev up at top speeds while they manoeuvre erratically in a zig-zag motion towards the next summit. “Dune bashing is like a gift from God, and we feel good when we do it because there is lots of adrenalin,” Fahad, a 25-year-old science student at the University of Doha, told Middle East Eye. According to Fahad, the success of the sport is all in how a driver follows the curves of the sand dunes. “The car has to follow the circular arc shape of the...

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