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Hard Questions: Integrity and Deen in 2018

By: Imam Zaid Shakir Source: New Islamic Directions As we North American Muslims enter a new year it might be beneficial for us to ask ourselves some serious questions. A bit of soul searching has never harmed anyone. The type of questions I have in mind involve a set of challenges to some of the prevailing trends which currently occupy our minds and in many ways imprison our hearts. They are not meant to be offensive or hurtful, rather to stimulate a little reflection. First of all, what does it say about our religion if for over 1400 years Muslims did not have clarity on a series of fundamental issues which are totally disconnected from the rapidly evolving technology that defines our...

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Is Zakat best given home or abroad?

Source: YouTube Imam Zaid Shakir gives a wonderful explanation of where is best to give Zakat – whether locally or abroad. He first explains the basic assumption in the Sharia and then goes into exceptions and special circumstances.

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