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Review: The Monk of Mokha

By: Imam Zaid Shakir Source: New Islamic Directions “The Monk of Mokha”, Dave Eggers chronicle of the revival of Yemeni coffee through the efforts of an unlikely young man, could well have been entitled, “The Mad Adventures of Mokhtar Alkhanshali.” If fiction is art and nonfiction life, this book would definitely qualify as life imitating art. The unlikely evasion of certain death, the meeting of impossible deadlines, the left turns when a right would have led to disaster, the literal rise from the outhouse to the penthouse; all of this and more could not have been conjured up by the bestselling minds inhabiting the world of fiction. Eggers book, however, is far more than a fast-paced...

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Granddaughter of Ottoman Sultan smashes stereotypes with novel

By: Source: A strong, Muslim Indian woman who stands against British colonialists in 19th century India is the central focus of the latest novel by the granddaughter of Ottoman Sultan Murad V. Kenize Mourad’s “In the City of Gold and Silver”, tells the story of Begum Hazrat who stands bravely against the East India Company, but is eventually forced into exile in Nepal. Begum is an orphan and aspiring poet who gains the attention of the Indian ruler and finally becomes his wife. From this powerful position, Begum is a principal figure that leads the uprising against British colonialist in India. According to Mourad, she uses...

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Fallacy is not great: a book review by Mohamed Ghilan

By: Mohamed Ghilan Source: Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazzali said: “إن نصف الكفر في العالم يحمل وزره متدينون بغضوا الله إلى عباده” “Verily, the weight of half of disbelief in the world is carried by religious people who made God detestable to His servants.” God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens should be assigned reading for all those who wear their religion on their sleeves. In this book Hitchens is very good at taking opportunists who made use of religion for their own financial or political gains. Ironically, he’s also an opportunist as he used these individuals’ actions as support for his proposition that “religion poisons everything.” Reading Hitchens gives a...

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