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Overcoming your enemies and becoming close to Allah

By: Haqqseeker Source: MuslimVillage Here are some Urdu verses of poetry with their English translation: Zamana to bhari hairat se dhekh raha tha Islam ki Haqeeqat aur Islam ki Shaan ko. Hum hi so gaye ghaflat ki gehri  neend me. Ai Mu’meeno, abhi bhi waqt  hai, sanwar jao, dushmano se muqable ke liye jago aur jagao. Naye jazbe se Islam ka jandaa phir se lehrao. Translation: The world was watching with great amazement Islam’s reality and Islam’s magnificence. It was we who fell into a deep slumber of indifference. O you believers, there is still time, let us become alert. Wake up and awaken others to confront our enemies. With new enthusiasm let us once again wave Islam’s flag. (Inspired...

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Duas against Satan and insomnia

By: Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng Source: Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng وَقُل رَّ‌بِّ أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ هَمَزَاتِ الشَّيَاطِينِ ﴿٩٧﴾ وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ رَ‌بِّ أَن يَحْضُرُ‌ونِ ﴿٩٨﴾ And say, “0 my Lord, I seek your refuge from the strokes of the Shaytaan, and I seek Your refuge from that they come to me.” (Quran 23:97-98) The word هَمَز (the infinitive of هَمَزَاتِ Hamazat translated above as ‘strokes’ ) means “to push, to press” and sometimes is also used to mean “to make a call from behind”. This is a very comprehensive prayer often invoked for protection from the guile and mischief of Shaytaan and the The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) has...

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The importance of respect

  By: Al Haadi Source: Al-Haadi There is an Arabic saying which very concisely describes the importance of respect in a person: “An Orphan is not one who has no parents; Verily he is an orphan who is deprived of knowledge and adab (respect/etiquette).” Indeed, when one is deprived of respect and etiquette, one can stoop to a level that any normal human being would consider unthinkable, let alone any person with Faith/iman. The Qur’an-al-Kareem and Ahadith strongly emphasize the lesson of respect. Respect for the distinguishing signs of Allah Most High – aspects that are clear symbols of Deen such as the Qur’an, the Masjid, the month of Ramadan, etc. – is in...

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