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Love for the right reasons

By: Maulana Khalid Dhorat Source: Love is a great emotion, a sacred feeling, and a comfortable place in the soul, but it can be motivated by all the wrong reasons. It can be motivated by wealth, a sense of security, beauty, high lineage, good character and even just plain infatuation and lust. Depending on why you love a person, especially your spouse, this is how much satisfaction and joy you will get from that relationship. If you love your husband for his wealth and status, then after his factory burns down, and you need to substitute your biryani for beans, will you still be loyal to him? If you love your wife for her beauty, after her accident or the breakout of eczema...

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A successful Islamic marriage

  By: Imam Moustafa Zayed Source: There is no guarantee for any marriage to be successful or fulfill an ultimate happiness for the bride or groom. However, Islamically, there is a guarantee that if you fulfill the conditions and guidelines of obeying God and His messenger, in your marriage, you will have a real potential of reaching that marital happiness that everyone seeks. Before we even discuss these Islamic guidelines, we need to understand the importance of a successful marriage to the quality of one’s life. God said: {And amongst His miracles and proofs is that He created from amongst yourselves spouses to reach peace and calm with, and made mercy and love...

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Image by Reem Saad/Doha News

Qatar: Family feeds 300 people a day in Ramadan

By: Reem Saad Source: Two summers ago, a local family put a refrigerator outside their house stocked with free cold water, laban and juice. The fridge had a note that said, “Take anything you need,” giving many workers access to refreshments during the hottest months of the year. Now, the Qatari family is distributing iftar meals to hundreds of workers in the same spot alongside the fridge, by the Chamber of Commerce at Muntazah signal off of C-Ring Road. Over the past week, blue-collar men have been lining up there an hour before sunset to grab a plate of food, refreshments and bread before heading back to their homes. Workers could be seen exchanging smiles and greetings...

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