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Amerithology, the Middle East and becoming number two

By: Ben Tanosborn Source: MWC News Did anyone expect any positive peace-hopeful results from President Obama’s trip to Israel and his obligatory stops at the West Bank and Jordan? Perhaps some were, but only if demented, credulous simpletons, or trusting souls believing that there are people in Washington, elected or selected, with statesmanship and vision willing to risk their careers by promoting neutrality, rather than affection and solidarity for our congenital sister, Israel. Just how often must we be told that American foreign policy for the Middle East is for all intents and purposes drafted, approved or vetoed in Tel Aviv? Obama may not be happy with this fact of American political...

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Obama blesses Israel’s government of settlers

By: Jonathan Cook Source: Information Clearing House March 20, 2013 “Information Clearing House“ – Those who hoped that Barack Obama would be arriving in Israel to bang Israeli and Palestinian heads together, after four years of impasse in the peace process, will be sorely disappointed. The US president’s trip beginning today may be historic – the first of his presidency to Israel and the Palestinian territories – but he has been doing everything possible beforehand to lower expectations. At the weekend, National columnist James Zogby and other Arab-American leaders revealed that Mr Obama had made it clear that he will not present a peace plan, because...

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Obama: “A decade of war is now ending…” Really?

By: Alex Kane Source: Oh, how great Barack Obama’s second inaugural address was. He mentioned climate change! And how he’s going to do something about it! And laid out a full-throated liberal, progressive agenda for his second term! And yes, it was great he name-dropped Stonewall and Selma, seminal moments in American history. But allow me this: Obama uttered a major falsehood, something that progressives should call him out on, and yet not many did (though Salon’s Natasha Lennard was on it). And the falsehood speaks to a highly important legacy that Obama will be leaving behind: the institutionalization of a permanent war footing so the U.S. can wreak havoc around the globe...

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