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2 Israelis sentenced for murder of Palestinian youth

By: Robert Berger Source: VOA News JERUSALEM – A high-profile court case involving events that led to the Gaza war in 2014 has concluded in Israel; but not without controversy. A Jerusalem court sentenced two Israeli teenagers to long prison terms for murdering a Palestinian youth, an incident that Israeli officials described as “Jewish terrorism.” One Israeli got life in prison and the other 21 years, while a third suspect is still awaiting a verdict pending psychological examinations. The assailants burned 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive in Jerusalem in July 2014; it was revenge for the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens by gunmen from the Palestinian...

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New book claims Australia’s Abbott ‘used terror threat as political weapon’

By: JOHN STAPLETON Source: The NewDaily Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his controversial Chief of Staff Peta Credlin manipulated public opinion in relation to national security and the terror threat “on a mass scale” in a desperate effort to stay in power, according to a new book published this week. Credlin & Co: How the Abbott Government Destroyed Itself, written by respected senior journalist Aaron Patrick, a deputy editor at The Australian Financial Review, explores in detail the dysfunction at the heart of the Abbott government. Throughout 2015, Mr Abbott’s office concentrated on the issue of terrorism, which the Prime Minister and his advisers saw as the best way of...

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Australia’s “Hijab Stylist” – Style for and by Muslim women

By: Lindsey Lanquist Source: Mashable There have been high-fashion collections inspired by the Middle East and ready-to-wear lines featuring hijabs and abayas. But fashion-forward clothing for Muslim women by Muslim women has been missing from the industry — until now. Australia’s Zulfiye Tufa, of the blog “The Hijab Stylist,” is changing that and bringing modest clothing to the forefront of the fashion conversation. The 26-year-old pharmacist began blogging when she saw a void in the fashion industry for chic modest clothing. She provided styling tips for other women and focused on “interpreting fashion through the lens of faith,” as she told...

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