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Turkey plans to invade Syria, but to stop the Kurds, not ISIS

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning a military intervention into northern Syria to prevent Syrian Kurds from forming their own state there, despite concerns among

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Obama makes anti-BDS bill law

US President Barack Obama signed into law a controversial trade measure that contains legislation combating the BDS movement in Europe

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Conservative backlash follows Supreme Court ruling on same sex “marriage”

In some states, political leaders have suggested that Friday’s ruling which imposed recognition of same sex unions on all states scould be circumvented or obstructed, at least for a time

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Australian Muslim charity gives aid to Indonesian and Rohingyan refugees

Human Appeal International Australia’s director Bashar Al-Jamal spent the first days of Ramadan in Indonesia supervising the distribution of aid to poor Indonesian families alongside the

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Freedom Flotilla III: Israel resorts to pirate-like conduct again

Marianne was in international waters when it was approached by the Israeli navy boats. After a while, it was confirmed by the initiative that the vessel was

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Tunisia: 80 mosques to be shut down for inciting ‘violence’

Tunisia plans within a week to close down 80 mosques that remain outside state control for inciting violence, as a countermeasure after the hotel attack that killed 39 people

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Canada: Muslims help Catholics at vandalized church

A mosque in Mississauga, Canada, has donated thousands of dollars to help a neighbor in need: a nearby Catholic church that was vandalized and

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Egypt bans Salafi books from mosques

The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments have launched a campaign to remove the books of scholars that belong to the Salafi movement from all mosques in Egypt

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Terror in 3 continents provoke outrage and disgust

There is another side to these sensational events, one that is not as dramatic yet carries far greater import as militants like Islamic State step up their attacks in the Middle East and North Africa

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