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Need halal in far off places? There is app for that

By: Kenny Mah Source: KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 — One of the challenges I face when my Muslim friends ask me for recommendations when they travel to some of the cities I’ve visited, such as Tokyo or Munich, is to offer them halal food options. Authentic halal eateries can be hard to find in these places and I worry that they might not be entirely halal. What is a travel writer to do? Enter Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT), a travel guide app that focuses on Muslim travellers. The HHWT co-founders Melvin Goh @ Mikhail Goh (also the chief executive officer), Tengku Suzana and Elaine Tee met while they were studying. Goh says they were moved to start HHWT after finding it...

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Healthy ways to reduce cancer risk

By: Source: For more than 40 years the war on cancer has been waged with abysmal results. It’s no secret that we are not winning the war on cancer, as it remains a leading killer in the United States and much of the developed world. Cancer Used to be a Rare Disease… Based on studies of human remains ranging from 5300 B.C. to the mid-19th century, we know that cancer used to be quite rare. This is not the case anymore… in 2012, more than 1.6 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed, and more than 1,500 people will die from it every day. Cancer now accounts for nearly one out of every four deaths in the United...

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Study: corruption rampant in Muslim lands

By: VOA News Source: VOA News Roughly 1 in 3 people in the Mideast and North Africa have had to pay a bribe for a public service, a watchdog group said Tuesday. In the report released by Transparency International, researchers found that bribes are commonly used to obtain public services, in court systems, and among regional police, as well as for medical services, identity documents, permits, electricity, and water. A majority of respondents felt that corruption is getting worse. The Berlin-based anti-corruption group surveyed nearly 11,000 adults in 9 countries and found bribery rampant. About half of respondents in Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan said they had paid bribes for public services....

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