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Happy days for Halal tourism

By: Sinan Tavsan and Erwida Maulia, Nikkei staff writers Source: Nikkei Asian Review KONYA, Turkey/JAKARTA The global economy may be in a funk, but the travel market is still going strong. Muslim-friendly halal tourism is showing particularly healthy growth and is becoming a top priority for two of the world’s biggest Muslim democracies, Turkey and Indonesia. At the beginning of May, Turkey hosted the second International Halal Tourism Conference, one of the world’s biggest events of its kind, in Konya. Situated in the country’s pious Anatolian heartland, this city is where the 13th-century Persian poet, philosopher and Sufi mystic Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi spent the last...

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Ramadan in Sudan

By: AFP Source: As the sun sets over the Sudanese village of Al-Nuba, Ibrahim Abdelrahim rolls out carpets by the side of the Khartoum highway and his friends line them with plates of food. Minutes later, groups of villagers rush into the road, shouting and waving down approaching vehicles. One brings a bus to a halt in the middle of the highway. Others join him and force the driver to park. “Please break your fast. It’s iftar time,” says a villager as dozens of passengers step out. As the sky darkens, they settle down to plates of vegetables, meat and sorghum pancakes — a staple food in Sudan — along with cans of juice and water. Just twenty...

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British Muslims worried after Brexit

By: Areeb Ullah Source: MiddleEastEye LONDON – British Muslims living in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, which has the highest concentration of Muslim residents in England and Wales, have voiced “unease” and “fear” about what life would be like after the UK leaves the European Union. Following the historic vote that saw more than half the British public vote to leave the 28-member bloc there has been mass uncertainty about what the future will hold. From the British pound plunging to a 31-year low to the uncertainty created by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement to resign in October, the mood in London – which overwhelmingly voted to...

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