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The noble aims and intentions of Sufism

By: Osman Nuri Topbaş Source: Osman Nuri Topbaş MV Editor’s note: These are lofty aims and intentions that we should have and renew every day of our lives and they form the basis of the subject the shaykh is discussing, Sufism. The aim of Sufism or Tasawwuf is to be able to carry (the servant) to a friendship with Allah Almighty. In other words, Sufism is to be able to perfect belief. Or to carry the Divine Law to perfection. There is nothing outside of the Divine Law. Everything outside the bounds of the Divine Law is falsehood. Even if you were to see a person flying in the air, it is still falsehood if this does not conform to the Divine Law. Sufism is the endeavour to carry the...

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Prayer: a port in every storm

By: Osman Nuri Topbaş Source: Prayer, as the most exceptional form of worship, is also the most exceptional form of seeking refuge in Allah. Therefore, when one faces any kind of hardship, trouble, tribulation, suffering, and pain he is supposed to turn to prayer immediately. This is the tradition which the Prophet (pbuh) often put into practice. Hudhayfa said: “The Prophet used to turn to prayer whenever he faced a difficulty.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud). Abu Darda said: “The Prophet used to go into the mosque whenever a storm broke out, and would stay there until it was over. He also used to pray during the eclipse of the moon or the sun.” We may here elaborate on the eclipse...

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Sincerity its reality and aquisition

  By: Source: Allah Ta’ala (Most High) says: “Verily, the Mu’mineen (Believers) are those who believe in Allah, and His Rasul (Messenger). Thereafter they have no doubt and they strive in the Path of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Assuredly, they are the Saadiqoon (the sincere/truthful ones).” (Quran 49:15) The following is narrated in the Hadith Shareef: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) passed by Abu Bakr (Allah be pleased with him) while he was reviling some of his slaves. The Prophet (peace be upon him) turned towards him and said: “(There are) those People who curse, and those who are sincere/truthful!” Abu...

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