By: MuslimVillage


We caught up with the General Manager of, Mohammad Kandil, to ask him about Kiflayn and it’s contribution towards the online Islamic education space.

So… What is Kiflayn?

The word itself “Kiflayn” comes from the Quran (chapter 57:28), it means two enormous shares of Allah’s mercy for those who believe and are cognisant of God. It is not a commonly used term and is associated with knowledge of Islam and knowledge of God and this is where comes in.

Why the change?

I assume you mean from Qibla? [laughs] Some people think we took over from Qibla but in reality we have no connection to them, some of our teachers moved from there and we were very fortunate to have them, especially major scholars like Sheikh Nuh Keller & Dr Ashraf Muneeb.

What makes you different from others teaching Islamic studies online?

That is a question we ask ourselves everyday, we have looked at what progressive large universities are doing in their online space and have tried to build on lessons learnt from there, this is definitely NOT the “Learn Tajweed over Skype” model [laughs]. We are using state of the art Learning Management Software, with discussion forums and recorded content, quizes, and online exams for the graded courses. It’s a work in progress and we’ve become good at it.

Who are your teachers?

We have a variety of teachers covering all the areas of knowledge of Islamic sciences, we are blessed to have Sheikh Nuh Keller in Spirituality, Dr Ashraf Muneeb in Islamic Finance & Hanafi Fiqh, Ustadh Hatim Yousef in the Prophetic Seera & Self Improvement, Ustadh Farid Dingle in Belief & the Shafi’i Fiqh.

Of particular importance are our Quran teachers, we have levels starting from Level 1 where you learn how to read to read the Arabic script of the Quran up to the Tajweed Masterclass with Sheikh Muhammad Nor Sabereen who has the shortest chain of transmission back to the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him). We’re very fortunate to have these amazing scholars & teachers.

What subjects are you teaching?

Ah… this is an area where we try to differentiate our offering and be conscious of the needs of the modern Muslim.

We offer courses such as Tawba & Practical Zakat where we offer practical methods of applying Islam in your life, this isn’t simply learning from a book, the teachers pours their heart & experience into it to help you find a way to apply Islam to solve your problems and equip you to face your challenges.

We offer courses on learning the recitation of the Quran that are one-to-one from your own home and space and our Tajweed program is very successful. Our teachers are nurturing and accommodating and their students love them.

How can someone get more information?

Head over to, we’re offering a free course on Fasting in Ramadan by two of our teachers that we hope will prepare everyone who takes it to perform their fast in a manner pleasing to Allah Most High.