Water the Gift of Life

By: MuslimVillage

Source: MuslimVillage.com

MuslimVillage.com wants you to help us build water wells throughout the world!

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Today, Sun Dec 8 2013, is the last day to donate towards our water wells campaign. If you haven’t already donated or have been thinking about it, defeat the Shaitan and donate NOW! Allah has promised that you will never go poor from donating to help the poor and needy

Alhamdulillah we have now had donations of over $3500 from MuslimVillage.com reader that will allow us to build a number of water wells mashaAllah. Jazakum Allahu Khairun for all that contributed.

If you are in Sydney, Australia and are not doing anything tonight, please come along to Islamic Relief Australia’s Dive For Water Celebratory/Fundraising Dinner. The videos of all the sky divers  – including Ahmed Kilani from MuslimVillage.com – will be shown (preview below) + last minute fundraising before the winners are announced. Tickets are $50 with all funds going towards the wells projects. If you would like a ticket, please contact Ahmed on ahmed@muslimvillage.com or 0433 165 590.


MuslimVillage.com‘s Director and Co-Founder Ahmed Kilani is a member of one of the five teams that sky divied from 14,000 feet over Sydney, Australia last weekend to raise funds on behalf of Islamic Relief Australia’s Dive4Water campaign.

We want all the MuslimVillage.com readers to support him and his team – TEAM FIRST WAVE. MashaAllah they have already raised over $10,000.

If you can only give a small amount, it all adds up. Be it $20 or $2000, as Islamic Relief’s motto says “Together we can make a world of difference”.

The more we raise the more wells we can build inshaAllah.

Donate on behalf of yourself, a sick or deceased family member, do it as a family or a business or organisation….whatever….just be generous and don’t forget to Donate to Team First Wave and reference “MuslimVillage.com” or “MV”.

By sponsoring our team, you will be donating to help build water solutions in countries where water is a scarce resource. We are looking to raise a minimum of $10,000 to build wells in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia and other African countries.

From as little as $700 you can get a well dedicated to you that will provide water to a whole village. This is ongoing rewards for ever and ever from all those that use the water – be it drink, cook or even wash before prayer. InshaAllah YOU will get a reward for every single drop of water used and every single action that is a direct result.

Some Ideas:

– Donate for a family member that has is sick or has passed away and give them (and you) eternal rewards.

– Collect money as a group of friends, organisation, school, business, mosque, church, sporting team, etc.

– Make a donation on behalf of your family and get all the children to chip in pocket money to teach them the concept of charity and helping others.

We really appreciate your support to help raise the much needed funds for this project. It’s not every day people decide to jump out of a plane!

How do I donate? 

1 – Go to Islamic Reliefs Donation page: https://islamic-relief.com.au/donate-now/

2 – Under “Project” select #Dive4Water 

3. Complete your details and then select my team “Team First Wave” 

4. Under Referral/Group Name – Type in “MuslimVillage.com” or “MV”

5. Enter your credit card details and the amount you want to donate. Please be generous

Find out more about Islamic Relief Australia’s Dive4Water by clicking on the pic below: