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Islamic Relief Australia, a humanitarian aid organization based in Sydney, Australia will hold the charity’s first team fundraising event called #Dive4Water on December 1st. Five teams will sky dive and dedicate their jump to raise awareness about the world’s water crisis. #Dive4Water will benefit Islamic Relief’s water and sanitation projects.

Clean water and sanitation are among the most vital and immediate needs in many emergency situations, and millions of people suffer from the chronic lack of these basic necessities as well. According to the United Nations, nearly 900 million people lack clean drinking water worldwide and more than 2.6 billion people do not have adequate sanitation. Many communities struggle on a daily basis with obtaining enough water to sustain life. In some areas, villagers — nearly always women and girls — must devote much of their time to obtaining water from faraway wells to use for drinking, cooking and washing. This prevents women from engaging in income-generating work and keeps girls out of school — all because of the search for water.

The #Dive4Water will fund the delivery of water solutions like the Huanxian Rainwater Catchment Project funded by Islamic Relief. This project constructed 220 sets of water cisterns and catchments for families in need of water in China. Islamic Relief has also funded a water and sanitation project that is bringing clean drinking water to thousands of people in rural villages in the Koulikoro region of Mali and more areas severely effected by drought.

Learn more about Islamic Relief Australia’s #Dive4Water at

Islamic Relief Australia is a nonprofit humanitarian organization. Its mission is to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy and disease regardless of color, race, gender or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner. Islamic Relief Australia aims to provide rapid relief in the event of human and natural disasters and to establish sustainable local development projects, allowing communities to better help themselves. In 2012, Islamic Relief programs benefited more than 15.6 million people in over 30 countries, 3.9 million people directly benefitted from Islamic Relief’s water and sanitation projects.

Islamic Relief Australia has also started working locally, launching our local relief projects with the NSW bushfire appeal swell as providing community services such as marriage counselling and crisis intervention counselling.

How can you help? wants you to help us build water wells throughout the world‘s Director and Co-Founder Ahmed Kilani is a member of one of the five teams that will be sky diving from 14,000 feet over Sydney, Australia to raise funds for this project.

We want all the readers to support him and his team – TEAM FIRST WAVE.

If you can only give a small amount, it all adds up. Be it $20 or $2000, as Islamic Relief’s motto says “Together we can make a world of difference”.

The more we raise the more wells we can build inshaAllah.

Donate on behalf of yourself, a sick or deceased family member, do it as a family or a business or organisation….whatever…just be generous and don’t forget to Donate to Team First Wave and referrence “” or “MV”.

How do I donate? 

1 – Go to Islamic Reliefs Donation page:

2 – Under “Project” select #Dive4Water 

3. Complete your details and then select my team “Team First Wave” (my team consists of myself, Hilal Kara-Ali – recent winner of Ch 7 “The Mole”, Hanan Dover – Community Leader, Forensic Psychologist, founder of numerous community initiative and organistions and Peter Gould – the award winning world acclaimed graphic designer.

4. Under Referral/Group Name – Type in “” or “MV”

5. Enter your credit card details and the amount you want to donate. Please be generous

By sponsoring our team, you will be donating to help build water solutions in countries where water is a scarce resource. We are looking to raise a minimum of $10,000 to build wells in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia and other African countries.

From as little as $700 you can get a well dedicated to you that will provide water to a whole village. This is ongoing rewards forever and ever from all those that use the water – be it drink, cook or even wash before prayer. You will get a reward for every single drop of water used and every single action that is a direct result.

If you can only give a small amount, it all adds up. Be it $20 or $2000, as Islamic Relief’s motto says “Together we can make a world of difference”.

Some Ideas:

– Donate for a family member that has is sick or has passed away and give them (and you) eternal rewards.

– Collect money as a group of friends, organisation, school, business, mosque, church, sporting team, etc.

– Make a donation on behalf of your family and get all the children to chip in pocket money to teach them the concept of charity and helping others.

We really appreciate your support to help raise the much needed funds for this project. It’s not every day people decide to jump out of a plane! If you would do it, please donate generously to support me. If you wouldn’t do it, generously donate double what you had in mind :-).

PS – Ahmed said his team is a team of Gen Xers and we are up against 4 Teams of Gen Ys. He asked for all the “oldies” like him, please help us show up the youngsters……all for a good cause :-p