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Tawhid and strength of character

Shaykh Abdul Hakim Muard speaks about the strength of character that true understanding of the Kalima and practice can bring us to.

My journey to Islam, and call to the truth

My desire to convert was overpowering me. But I couldn’t. How would I explain it? No one would understand. The opinions around me lead me to believe that

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US: #WhoIsMuhammad billboards raise awareness about Islam

It is part of a nationwide push to dispel myths about Muslim Americans called #WhoisMuhammad launched by The ICNA, an American Muslim organization based in

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Something to be proud of: Modern Muslim achievements

Is there anything that could actually bring up a smile on our face amidst these turbulent times of trials and tribulations? Well, let us look up some achievements and

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Pure intentions go with pure actions

Having pure intention means performing actions – deeds which themselves are pleasing to Allah SWT – for Allah’s sake only, to seek only

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Advice from Sayiduna Ali

Indecent speech is far from him, his utterance is lenient, his evils are non-existent his virtues are ever present, his good is ahead and mischief has turned its face (from him)

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The Mosque: an oasis for hearts and eyes

Yet it is the Muslims, since centuries ago, who have been used to relinquishing the demands of their chaotic selves at the five punctuations of their stated

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Muslim men: jealous or selfish?

One of the most incorrectly translated and misunderstood concepts related to social issues is that of gheerah.
Commonly translated as ‘jealousy’, the term ‘gheerah’ has

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I am Muslim. Deal with It.

Since she was verbally abused while wearing a hijab and driving her father’s old SUV, the unlucky incident reminded us of a Jeep commercial aired during the Super Bowl

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Prayer: the soul’s delight

What makes you say your Prayers at places where there is no one to ask you to offer them or even to see you offering them? Isn’t it so because of your

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