In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

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The true character and morals of a Muslim

Source: Character of the sahabi, a beautiful reminder from brother Zahir Mahmood that shows the character of the sahaba (ra) and how they made a difference wherever they went.

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Recitation for your Ramadan – Qari Yunus Aswailis

Source: YouTube Enjoy the soothing recitation of Qari Yunus Aswailis (الشيخ يونس اسويلص) and contemplate as he recites various passages of the Book of Allah in Warsh style among peers in scenic Morocco. May Allah accept from the Ummah in this noble month.

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The Knight of Islam

By: Source: Speaker : Sheikh Zahir Mahmood Title : Sa’d ibn Abbi Waqaas – Knight of Islam – Uplifting We are now in a small town in a narrow valley. There is no vegetation, no livestock, no gardens, no rivers. Desert after desert separates the town from the rest of the world. During the day the heat of the sun is unbearable and the nights are still and lonely. Tribes flock to it like animals in the open country flock to a water-hole. No government rules. There is no religion to guide people except one which promotes the worship of stone idols. There is no knowledge except priestcraft and a love for elegant poetry. This is Makkah and...

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