In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate



When the beauty of creation convinces an atheist…

Source: Despite singing in the choir, Zahira from the UK, didn’t believe in God. But the more she looked at creation, the more it made sense that there had to be a creator. And when she discovered Islam, nothing could stop her. Be inspired by Zahira’s short interview and share it to inspire others.

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The faith to leave the haram

Source: Having lost faith in Roman Catholicism, David from the UK found himself drifting between doubt and disbelief. Islam revived his faith, but could he give up alcohol and pork? And how would his family and friends view him? Be inspired by David’s short interview and share it to inspire...

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What to advise someone concerned about the five daily prayers?

Source: Ahmad grew up thinking that Islam was only for Arabs and Asians. But seeing others practice it showed him it was a universal religion. But whilst his interest in Islam grew, could he pray five times a day? Watch the video to see how God guided him and helped him overcome. And share it when you’re done.

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