By: Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng

Source: Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng

Sheikh Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi (Allah have mercy on him) has advised that it is imperative for those who want to be obedient to Allah Most High to not leave their homes unless they are heavily compelled to do so. If there is a need to go out, then the believer must lower his gaze and refrain from meeting with anyone beyond what is necessary (by way of decorum and fulfilling the rights of others).

A man, particularly a scholar, must resort to solitude and study the lives of the pious predecessors (first generations of Muslims). He must visit the graves of the pious men.

Moreover, no sincere believer should miss the Tahajjud Salaah (voluntary night prayer) and invocations of the night. He must remember death always so that distant false hopes (that result in delayed repentance and works) are not entertained.

Jahannam (Hell) is the result of disobedience and succumbing to temptations. And man must understand that whilst the ‘pleasures of sin’ appear tempting, their reality is pain and punishment – transgression is enveloped with misery.

Is it intelligence to be hurled into the inconceivable misery of Jahannam for the fleeting pleasures of sin?

One great calamity is adultery; whereby a moment of temporary pleasure brings about utter disgrace, humiliation, and excruciating punishment.

Alcohol and substance abuse contaminate the mouth, defile garments, derange the mind, and lead to catastrophe in the Aakhirah (Afterlife).

Man must understand that the punishment for disobedience in the Aakhirah completely obliterates any pleasure or benefit gained in this world by disobeying Allah Most High.

Does it make sense to rebel against Allah?

Source: “Sins and their Consequences” by Sheikh Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi – Allah have mercy on him. This article was edited for clarity and style by MuslimVillage.