Organizer: ISRA


It seems that Muslims cannot get anything right by other people herunterladen. Given that there is more than half a million Muslims in Australia statistically there will be some Muslims who will not do the right thing. Realistically, is this more than any other community in Australia siedler kostenlos herunterladen? Conversely, Muslims themselves would concede there is room for improvement especially when Islam expect the best from Muslims. So, should Muslims be held to higher standards than other people in Australia cewe fotobuch software download kostenlos?

When: Saturday 23rd May 2015 (7.30 pm)

Venue: Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown, Corner of Rickard & Chapel Roads,

Bankstown NSW 2200 Australia

Cost: $10 (Refreshment included)

Have your say and register via or call (02) 9649 9040

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