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AUDIO – An American woman’s journey to Islam

by NPR Staff
Source: KUHF News

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By: NPR Staff

Source: KUHF News

Karen Danielson was raised Catholic, but she became a Muslim when she was 19. The conversion came with some difficult personal decisions, but she stresses the shift was spiritual, rather than cultural.

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Karen Danielson converted to Islam three decades ago, was she was 19. She was raised Catholic, and then later became a Baptist and enrolled in a Baptist college, where she picked up the Koran. Now, she’s the director of outreach at the Chicago chapter of the Muslim American Society.

Her experience is not as unusual as it may seem; some 20 percent of American Muslims are converts. Leaving one religion for another can be a complicated process for anyone, but in the United States converting to Islam can mean making some especially difficult personal choices, at least for some people. That was the case for Danielson.

“Islam is not about converting culture. It’s about converting faith and spirituality and understanding. And I can still be American, through and through, even if I’m wearing a headscarf and even if I’m dressing in what might appear to be something foreign.”

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mashud 5pts

Karen Danielson after having travelled a long way and coming across the opportunity to read the Qura'n, she voluntarily choose the right path of Allah (SWT) to lead a beautiful life according to the code and conduct of the book of the Creator of mankind.

Her convincing entrance to the fold of ISLAM is an inspiration to the non-Muslims of the world. May Allah (SWT) be kind and bless her both here and hereafter.

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