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Nasya Bahfen: A Modern Muslim woman balancing career, family & faith

Are you a single Muslim woman with a good career? Are you starting to feel like you’re on the ‘wrong side’ of 20, or (gasp!) 30? Do you struggle with the usual “Are you married yet?” questions? Read about the experiences of Dr Nasya Bahfen, and know that you’re not alone! MuslimVillage’s Raidah Shah Idil interviewed Dr Bahfen, a lecturer at the journalism program at RMIT. Learn more about Dr Bahfen’s experience as a Muslim woman who balances faith, academia, and marriage. What challenges did you face while living in Australia as a Muslim woman? I faced both professional and personal challenges. Professional, because I chose a non-traditional...

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Drugs, Alcohol and Muslims

Although most Muslims might be shocked to find out or admit, just like the wider community, the Muslim community has men and women who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. Granted that due to Islam prohibiting the consumption of alcohol and any substances that can inhibit the reasoning of ones mind such as drugs, the rate of those with drug and alcohol addictions will be lower than the general community. But sadly the Muslim community has not been spared from these soul and society destructive addictions. Feelings of guilt, shame and fear of being stigmatized are among the reasons why many Muslims don’t seek help. In addition, the reality is that there are no culturally-sensitive...

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Muslim Psychologists: Help with a spiritual touch

    Muslim Psychologists provide an important role in assisting Muslim individuals and families in coping with day to day stresses that life throws up at them.’s Raidah Shah Idil caught up with Emily Eldan a psychologist working at PsychCentral based in Sydney, Australia to learn more about psychology from an Islamic perspective.  What is your work background? I work at the Auburn branch of PsychCentral and we cater for different religions and languages. I speak Arabic as a second language. There are many different bilingual psychologists who work with us, and we all bulk bill. Overall, I’ve been a psychologist for 9 years. I previously worked in private...

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