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British Mosque destroyed in Islamophobic arson attack

by OnIslam + news agencies

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An Islamic center in north London was destroyed in a suspicious fire on Wednesday, June 5, to the shock of the Muslim community in Britain.

“We’re gutted and shattered, it’s heartbreaking,” Ahmed Ali, who works at the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill, told London Evening Standard.

“We are in total shock that this has happened in our community but it will not stop us.

“All our neighbors have shown solidarity today and have been inviting us in for coffee and asking how they can help us rebuild.”

A blaze totally destroyed the two-storey Islamic center on Wednesday. A graffiti reading “EDL” was painted on the wall of the burned center, in reference to the far-right English Defence League. Scotland Yard said it was treating the fire at the Somali community center as suspicious.

“We are all shocked by what has happened,” Ali Abu, 30, of the Somali charity BritSom, told The Daily Mail.

“We condemn this attack. The situation is very serious at the moment. We are appalled and deeply saddened by this attack against a peaceful community.”

The arson comes days after the killing of a British soldier in a machete attack by two converts of immigrant origin.

“We were horrified at the death of Drummer Lee Rigby. We’re a peaceful community, but the people who did this just have hatred inside,” Ali told London Evening Standard.

Anti-Muslim sentiments have been high in Britain since the killing of the army soldier in Woolwich two weeks ago. Some 212 “anti-Muslim incidents” have been reported after the Woolwich attack last month, according to Tell Mama project, which monitors anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. The figure included 11 attacks on mosques, in a series manifestation of anti-Muslim sentiments


The mosque attack is seen as the latest episode in anti-Muslim hysteria since the Woolwich attack.

“Bearing in mind this is close to Woolwich, bearing in mind that it houses Islamic activities, bearing in mind that they have found alleged EDL graffiti, there’s a strong likelihood that this could be an anti-Muslim incident,” said Fiyaz Mughal, of Faith Matters, a group which monitors anti-Muslim hatred.

“It is very concerning when we know that, online, there is a huge amount of anti-Muslim hate. We know that. When it moves into the physical world, it is extremely concerning.”

The EDL, which is notorious for anti-Muslim rhetoric, has blamed Muslims and their religion for the army soldier’s attack in Woolwich. The far-right group has staged several protests against Muslims and their mosques in the wake of the attack.

“I was shocked to learn of the fire at the Bravanese Community Center in Muswell Hill,” London Mayor Boris Johnson said.

“There is no place in an open, tolerant and diverse city like London for hate, for prejudice, for violence.

“I would urge people to give the police the time and space to investigate this incident fully. I have no doubt the Met will bring those responsible to justice.

“London is a city built on the strength of its communities. Londoners will see this for what it is – cowardly, pathetic and utterly pointless.”

Tory MP Theresa Villiers, who represents Chipping Barnet, was also shocked by the mosque arson.

“I am shocked by this attack in my constituency. This kind of hate crime is absolutely despicable,” Villiers said.

“It is not just an attack on the Muslim community. It is an attack on all of us and our values.

“We are a highly diverse, multi-ethnic borough with excellent community cohesion in Barnet. We should under no circumstances allow violent extremists to divide us with this kind of outrage.

“I am deeply concerned at the impact this disgraceful crime will have on those who use the center. They have all my sympathies at this difficult time.”

Britain’s 2.7 million Muslims have taken full brunt of anti-terror laws since the 7/7 attacks. A Financial Times opinion poll showed that Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims.

A poll of the Evening Standard found that a sizeable section of London residents harbour negative opinions about Muslims.

Islamic centre fire

Shirlee Finn
Shirlee Finn 5pts

Terrorists destroyed 2,000 year of synagogue in Jobar, Syria. I don't see any regret for the destruction of an ancient house of prayer

Renee Stella
Renee Stella 5pts

May Allah give us all strength, and I hope no one was hurt in sha Allah. @Sameh - I've learned that you can't read the comments on Yahoo - ever. The majority of people that seem to comment are such idiots... I'm surprised they know how to use a computer- let alone post anything. All it does is get us all worked up - which is what they want to do.

Sameh Strauch
Sameh Strauch 5pts

You should read the charming comments on the Yahoo report of this news: things like 'Payback time!' And: 'Pity it wasn't full of people...' And other lovely comments.

Suriah Dellali
Suriah Dellali 5pts

@Nina Deen I was just about to say that. If it had been the other way around it would definitely have been called terrorism. So I am guessing that this adjective is dedicated to our religion and for everyone else they are just deemed "suspicious" acts. Sad

FearNoneButOne 5pts

"What a primitive act done by barbarians.

We demand that the church of England, the British parliament and the Vatican condem this act. We demand that they apologize. I wonder what makes acts by these Christians act in such a way, is it inherent in there religion? Is this connected to the verses of violence in the bible? "

(sarcasm) for anyone that was wondering.

Nina Deen
Nina Deen 5pts

Just suspicious not an act o terrorism:(

Chris of Cabra
Chris of Cabra 5pts

Is there an appeal site as yet?  I am not a Muslim (a wide separation, actually, theologically) but I  would like show in some small way that I am closer to those who have suffered in this attack than to those who perpetrated it, or some of my fellow countrymen who appear prone to unthinking statements of hatred.

Mumtaz Razi
Mumtaz Razi 5pts

Innalillah...I hope no one gets hurt

Castro Nkoma
Castro Nkoma 5pts

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Allah Taala's house burned bcz of da hate for muslims. We leave it in HIS hands. And for the EDL remember one day u shall meet the Lord,the owner of dat house u burned. What will be yo condition?

Saqib Ikram
Saqib Ikram 5pts

So Scotland Yard is treating the fire is suspicious... Imagine if a Synagogue burned down and had EDL sprayed on its rubble would that be suspicious or a terrorist incident?

Asia Tapadar
Asia Tapadar 5pts

Nothing happens without the permission of Allah. This too is part of our tests and trials in Dunya. May Allah give us patience and keep us firm on our deen. Ameen. 5pts

Wal Hawla Wal Qowetta illa Billah. Alhamdulillah for everything, this is the qadar of Allah. It's times like this that we need an "unlike" button.

talknic 5pts

@Shirlee Finn   What terrorists? The Synagogue in Jobar was only superficially damaged... Buildings of all kinds get damaged in international and/or civil wars.

BTW Assad was assisting the Syrian Jewish community to refurbish 10 Synagogues in Syria before this ARMED rebellion began

davidgateslarson 5pts

@FearNoneButOne  Do you know it was Christians inspired by Christianity? That's not something that happens often, whereas Muslims slaughtering people inspired by Mohammad's various slaughters, is a daily occurence. What was the body count between Jesus and Mohammad? Who had more sex slaves and wives? Who robbed more Meccan caravans and demanded 1/5 of their "booty"? Awww poor little Muslims are so misunderstood and totally the victims because nobody gets how all the violence done in their name worldwide is totally not their fault!

Truthdigger 5pts


@ davidgateslarson, I would like to refresh your myopic mind that, all you associated with Islam/Muslims were what the people who professed Christianity did. Invading other people's land, uprooting a whole race from the face of the earth, slavery, bombing civilians so on and so forth. There no problems with Christianity! Give a break! The raping of alter boys, the burning of women, because they were regarded as witches within your Christian religion. However, I have nothing  against the christian religion itself, but against the people who profess these religion, that has caused so much anguish in the world; from the crusaders, to the all world wars, to the extinction of then Jews race, to the wars in south east Asia, Latin and central America, and the list goes on this present day it is going on killing,maiming, raping, butchering all countries, destroying their infrastructure, farms and way of lives. All this violence is thus perpetrated by those who profess Christianity, specially Caucasian Christians and their elk!

Therefore, Mr.davidgateslarton, Refrain yourself from insulting others

Chris of Cabra
Chris of Cabra 5pts

@Truthdigger @davidgateslarson

You have to watch out for that elk.  Moose bites can be very nasty, too.

Neither of you are helping, unless pouring petrol on a fire is also "helping" it.  Truthdigger, I fully agree that "Refrain yourself from insulting others." is a good maxim.  Would that you had listened to yourself.  "But mine aren't insults, they're truths!" is not a defence here.  I suggest looking at how they are being used, and how the person receiving them will consider them.  

To both:  the world hardly needs more bile and hatred.  If you can add some peace and love, do share.  That's a bit in short supply.

I'm not on either"side" here.  But I have to share the planet with everyone else, and some of such hurling vitriol at each other doesn't make it a better place.

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