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50% Off Sale – MuslimVillage 2014 Advertising Sale – Ends Jan 31 2014.

50-Off-Sale advertisers will reach a large, growing and evolving online niche community of users, where Islam is their common bond.

Who is is a widely respected and globally recognised web portal for a growing and evolving online niche community of users, where Islam is their common bond.

In 2013 had 2,390,297 visits (an increase of 24% on 2012) and over 3.7 million page views - * Statistics provided by Google Analytics.

Top 7 Regions in 2013

1 – Australia/NZ – 488,628

2 – USA/Canada – 481,722

3 – United Kingdom – 253,845

4 – Malaysia/Singapore – 250,442

5 – Europe – 230,060

6 – Middle East/Nth Africa – 206,194

7 – India/Pakistan – 161,697 

Whether it’s checking daily prayer times, finding out the latest Islamic related lifestyle stories, news + opinion, politics, community, is THE online portal of choice for a growing number of Muslims from all around the world. Best of all it is configured to be read on all mobile/tablet devices. currently has over 54,000* Facebook fans, 15,000+ Twitter followers and 15,000+* email subscribers to our newsletter that is distributed on Mon, Wed & Fri ever week (*figures as at Dec 31 2013)

Although our users are fluent in English, is also configured to be read in numerous other languages including Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Malay and Indonesian.

This gives unprecedented reach within the highly diverse Muslim community. And best of all, we are still growing at a steady rate year after year.

Why should I advertise with advertisers from all around the globe can be assured of reaching their desired Muslim target market whether it is in Australia, US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore or beyond (geo targeting to specific countries is available).

As a media source that has such a qualified and niche target market, our rates are highly competitive. Starting from $99 a month, we have packages that will fit every advertising budget.

As an advertiser we can give you detailed reports detailing how many people viewed your banner ads, as well as how many clicks your banners generated. We are also always happy to provide you with expert advice, based on over 10 years experience, to ensure you get the best results from your marketing strategy.

We will also never lock you down to a long-term contract. Your commitment to us can be from as little as one week (of course we can give you a better deal if you advertise on a long term basis).

Whether you are a new business starting out, are an existing business that realises the importance of maintaining a marketing presence or are a supplier of a Halal product/service…even if you don’t even have a website….if you are targeting the niche Muslim demographic  – MUST be in your marketing mix!

Ok, I want to advertise…What do I do now?

1. Request via email  - - and then complete the MV Booking Form letting us know which zones you want to book and for how long. The booking form will automatically give you a total price for whatever package you put together.

2. Nominate your preferred weeks/months for each zone (just list the start dates for weekly bookings – Mon to Sun – plus the months for monthly bookings). If you are not sure of start dates, just put TBA (to be advised).

3. Save the form and email it back to us –

3. You will be sent an invoice confirming your bookings and requesting payment.

4. Pay the invoice, send us confirmation of payment and you will have secured your advertising.

Terms & Conditions

- Sale ends Jan 31 2014

- Ramadan 2014 (June 20 – Aug 1 2014) attracts a 50% premium on our standard rates.

- Bookings will only be confirmed once full payment is received, no later than Jan 31 2014.

- Bookings subject to availability.

- Full terms + conditions on our rates card.

Please contact us via email – -  to be sent the MuslimVillage 2014 Rates Card, Google Analytics Reports, MV Booking Form

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