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RAW VIDEO: Woolwich London Soldier Killer’s Speech in Full 22 May 2013

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[UNCUT VIDEO] Woolwich London Soldier Killer’s Speech in Full 22 May 2013

Omar Ahmed Khadr
Omar Ahmed Khadr 5pts

another trick by the one eyed devil ... nothing new more to come

guest 5pts

One look at the picture says it all. Hoax by Mass Media. The guy has no blood on his clothing, at time = 0:36 you can see people walking to the guys right as he stands ther with a knife  there is no blood in street Mass Media Hoax

Stacey L. Thiessen
Stacey L. Thiessen 5pts

Tracy if you are against God and religion then why are you following this page? I think you are just a troll spreading your poison everywhere you can. If you are against religion and God don't follow Islamic or other religious pages.

Yousef Yaqoub
Yousef Yaqoub 5pts

Tracey I m listening to're rubbish and boring .

Rifat-Ara Quddusi
Rifat-Ara Quddusi 5pts

This isnt Islam!..Islam does not condone such acts..This is just barbaric and definitely does not show the true image of Islam

Tracey Melton
Tracey Melton 5pts

What ever he is he's mad and religion is all a load of rubbish its out dated and just causes hatred the only thing you need to believe in is yourself not god not the bible not the Koran all fairy tales and my child as from today will not be learning anything about religion I will forbid it children don't need false truths anymore

Sadaf Pervez
Sadaf Pervez 5pts

He definitely isn't a Muslim! And may be if he says Allahu Akbar..doesn't mean he is...isn't it a lot easier to set a false trail by saying those words people thesedays assume automatically that there must be a Muslim or Islam involved!? I solemnly condemn this barbaric act!

Tracey Melton
Tracey Melton 5pts

He is Muslim check the news he has been seen at rallies

Abdul Malik Ibrahim
Abdul Malik Ibrahim 5pts

And dis will neva be ISLAM...i wonder were he got dis idea frm..i'm shocked, u killed a man in the street n u are calling ALLAH'S name!!

Ahmet Taslak
Ahmet Taslak 5pts

Maybe he should make sincere repentance (towbe) as he had quoted that surah.

Salikin Akunga
Salikin Akunga 5pts

If he really is a Muslim, then he must be a bad Muslim with a distorted ideology. He has killed the the whole mankind.

Kashif Ejaz
Kashif Ejaz 5pts

The very strange thing was when he said, " i apologise but women has to see this. In our country they do the same". The guy who's named michael abedolojo (if i'm not wrong) was born and raised as christian and is from a nigerian descent. Now, what part of nigeria such an inhuman act is done? Strange! Islam doesn't allow inhuman acts. Neither the Prophet (pbuh) nor the Sahaba(s) (may Allah be pleased with them) killed someone for them sake. The Quranic verses he was telling has probably told to him which has been interpreted in a wrong way. [Wallah Alim]

Hassan Al Delami
Hassan Al Delami 5pts

Got so-called Muslims or maybe Munafiqs not sure!?!?They are denouncing brothers as not Muslims...I do not condone it,as in Islam beheadings undergo a procedure in a judical system...

Sima Majzoub
Sima Majzoub 5pts

Theres no logic to how people are behaving around an armed murderer! People should be running away, screaming for help...?? Not having conversations....what criminals stands around chatting in the street? The whole thing is illogical.

Suriah Dellali
Suriah Dellali 5pts

it doesn't matter if he is a convert or not because he is not submitting to Allah ... he is on his own crazy evil alternate reality killing others..he is not a Muslim

Atif Qureshi
Atif Qureshi 5pts

This guy does not seem Muslim in any way, Who has told them and or from where they have learnt to behead someone like this is Islamic. Can anyone confirm that, as a rumor there that he has recently converted to Islam???

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