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Calls for a second Egyptian revolution after violent clashes in Tahrir Square

Egypt’s revolution entered a dangerous phase of confrontation on Sunday after the army attacked thousands of anti-junta protesters in Cairo, putting the viability of imminent parliamentary elections in serious doubt. Several political parties and individual candidates said they were suspending their electoral campaigns after a weekend in which at least five people were killed and almost a thousand injured in some of the fiercest clashes seen since the heady days of February when Hosni Mubarak was ejected from power. Protesters later retook Tahrir Square, in central Cairo, and vowed to stay put until the military authorities are removed. Many said they were ready to die for the...

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In Egypt the anger is growing again

Something has gone badly wrong with the Egyptian revolution. The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces – just what the “Supreme” bit means is anyone’s guess – is toadying up to middle-aged Muslim Brothers and Salafists, the generals chatting to the pseudo-Islamists while the young, the liberal, poor and wealthy who brought down Hosni Mubarak are being ignored. The economy is collapsing. Anarchy creeps through the streets of Egyptian cities each night. Sectarianism flourishes in the darkness. The cops are going back to their dirty ways. It really is that bad. You only have to walk the streets of Cairo to understand what’s gone wrong, to wander again across...

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EU: No contradictions between Islam and democracy

June 02 2011 Declaring that there was “no contradiction between Islam and democracy,” political and religious leaders of the European Union have called for more religious tolerance in Europe and its neighboring countries. European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek, European Commission President Manuel Barroso and representatives from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim communities gathered at EU headquarters in Brussels on Monday for an annual meeting at which freedom of religion and religious tolerance were the main topics. “Arab people are liberating themselves,” Mr. Van Rompuy said at a news conference. “These are their revolutions and...

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