In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

President Morsi by European External Action Service - EEAS / Creative Commons

Egypt judges condemn Morsi’s new powers

The Supreme Judicial Council, Egypt’s highest judicial authority, has criticized President Mohamed Morsi’s move to grant himself sweeping new powers that would protect his decisions from being challenged as an “unprecedented attack”. In an emergency meeting on Saturday, the council urged Morsi “to distance this decree from everything that violates the judicial authority”. Morsi has also given himself sweeping powers that allowed him to sack the unpopular prosecutor general and opened the door for a retrial for Hosni Mubarak, the deposed Egyptian president, and his aides. At a Judges’ Club press conference on Saturday, Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud, the...

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Muslims & Christians celebrate in Tahrir Sqaure

By 8:30pm Tahrir square was packed. The flag-bearers were back. The neon pink standard of the candy-floss man could be spotted again, bobbing over people’s heads in the crowd. The men with their fireworks had also returned. People were handing out stickers calling for the release of detained blogger Maikel Nabil and were carrying posters ofshaheed (martyrs) commemorating the dead. Groups huddled together to keep warm. On the stage the poet Abdel Rahman Youssef was speaking beautifully about the continued fight for freedom. Had this been a few weeks ago, we would have been facing bullets and tear gas. But last night, for the first time in months, it was a celebration. “I wanted to be here,...

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Is this the start of the second Egyptian revolution?

Calls for a second Egyptian revolution after violent clashes in Tahrir Square

Egypt’s revolution entered a dangerous phase of confrontation on Sunday after the army attacked thousands of anti-junta protesters in Cairo, putting the viability of imminent parliamentary elections in serious doubt. Several political parties and individual candidates said they were suspending their electoral campaigns after a weekend in which at least five people were killed and almost a thousand injured in some of the fiercest clashes seen since the heady days of February when Hosni Mubarak was ejected from power. Protesters later retook Tahrir Square, in central Cairo, and vowed to stay put until the military authorities are removed. Many said they were ready to die for the...

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