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Mubarak in a cage – but what about Syria’s Assad?

Mubarak with his sons in cages, and in this case the picture is worth a million words. The entire Arab world is watching with awe as a despot deemed invincible just some months ago is facing his destiny. Nothing like the similar pictures from Baghdad when Saddam was put in trial. Then, it was an Iraqi tribunal working under American occupation. Now it is the real thing, or is it? Egypt’s real rulers, the high military council, have no interest in prolonging the Tahrir revolution.They want stability, and quickly, and they believe that the trial with all the drama and its symbolic significance will calm down those who want a “second revolution”. The moment of decision will...

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Scale of corruption of Mubarak family exposed

April 25 2011 Ousted president Hosni Mubarak ran Egypt as his own private estate, carving up its resources and siphoning off its capital into offshore accounts. But he didn’t do it alone: he had help from his family and a few trusted friends. “The Mubaraks treated this country like it was their own fiefdom,” says Amir Marghany, a corporate lawyer investigating the Mubarak regime’s corruption trail. “The family was crazy about luxury and prime real estate… and used the top financial brains in the country to create rules to make them richer.” Mubarak was forced to step down on Feb. 11 after nearly three weeks of nationwide demonstrations calling for his removal. The...

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Burning the misconceptions about Islam

Apr 13 2011 The recent violent protests in Afghanistan – a reaction to the burning of the Quran by a small church in the United States last month – recalled an inescapable reality. Extremists on all sides – whether in free, democratic America, or in corrupt, occupied Afghanistan – create havoc and chaos, demonstrating the danger brought about by a deadly cocktail of ignorance and idiocy. Ultimately, they cause the deaths of innocent people. Some cite the difference between the two acts: one saw the burning of a book, while the other claimed human lives. This is of course true, but what exactly did the mastermind of this foolish and hate-filled act expect, other than...

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