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Police clash with Egyptian protesters

CAIRO — Egyptian protesters have clashed with riot police in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where thousands of demonstrators have gathered to mark the second anniversary of the uprising that brought down longtime leader Hosni Mubarak. The skirmishes began early Friday after youth protestors tried to approach a concrete wall that security forces had erected to secure government buildings in the area. Demonstrators threw incendiary devices and rocks at police, who responded by firing tear gas and setting some of the protesters’ tents in the square on fire. The secular-leaning political opposition has called for protests Friday against President Mohamed Morsi and the Islamist Muslim...

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Rivals clash ahead of Egypt Constitution Vote

CAIRO — As Egyptians prepare to vote in the first round of a constitutional referendum Saturday, both opponents and supporters of the controversial document were out in the streets to protest. Supporters of Egypt’s new draft constitution were the first to take to the streets of Cairo Friday, congregating in front of a mosque near the presidential palace after midday prayers. Protests were reported in Alexandria, where rock throwing incidents broke out, and Assiout as well. In the capital, clusters of opponents of the constitution began swelling by mid-afternoon along a nearby boulevard facing the palace. Large marches from different parts of the capital were set for later in the day....

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Egypt: tug of war

As the crisis in Egypt develops, it is becoming increasingly clear what it is not about. It is not about the proposed constitution, many of whose provisions opposition members put their signatures to, before changing their minds and walking out of the drafting committee. Negotiations on the contentious clauses have been offered and rejected. Nor is it about the date of the referendum, which the Egyptian justice minister, Ahmed Mekki, offered to postpone. Again, this was rejected. Nor even is it about the temporary but absolute powers that the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, assumed for himself – which will lapse the moment the referendum is held whatever the result. Urging the...

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