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The “we’re at war with the Muslims” crowd

“We’re at war with the Muslims”

Have you noticed that the “we’re at war with the Muslims” crowd has been noticeably silent in the wake of the murders at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and the arson of the Islamic mosque in Missouri? Well, they’re smart to keep their mouths shut. Hopefully, this segment of American society is increasingly being marginalized, and rightfully so. Ever since 9/11, there have been a group of American extremists who have claimed that Muslims are waging war on the United States and that the CIA and U.S. troops are just defending us in this war. According to this group, since Muslims have embarked on a worldwide quest to conquer the Western world, the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were...

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The impending Israeli and US war on Iran

The US Empire constitutes the greatest threat to world peace. This has been proven by the history of this nation. Starting out as a nation born in the fight against British colonialism, the US has become the world largest imperial power. The US does not only wage two neocolonial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the later together with NATO, but it has also military bases in 141 states and 11 territories, out of 191 states comprising the United Nations. American arms patrol all the seas and skies, including outer space. This is not enough; the Pentagon declares flatly that it wants to achieve nothing less than “full-spectrum dominance“over any potential foe in the future. Patrick J....

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A McDromedary burger Camel meat on the menu in Sydney

Halal camel burgers newest hit on the menu in Sydney

IT’S been dubbed the “hump steak” – the latest cut of exotic meat to compete with beef and lamb. Already a delicacy in the Middle East, camel is starting to grow in popularity – joining kangaroo and crocodile on menus and at meat markets around Sydney. Brothers Ali and Abbas Jaber, who own Lakemba takeaway shop Masheweh, said customers were “going nuts” for their $6 camel burgers. “Customers are loving it,” Abbas said. “There is a trend of people wanting to try new things, especially when they see shows like Man vs Food.” Mr Jaber said his camel meat, from the Northern Territory, was barbecued to reduce the fat content:...

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