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Jordan protests take aim at king

Protesters in Jordan declared Friday a “day of rage” as anger sparked by a cut in fuel subsidies boiled over into a call for revolution. VOA’s Elizabeth Arrott has more from the capital, Amman.

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Flooding Syria with foreign arms

Across Syria these days, one is able to examine massive evidence that this ancient civilization, the historic bastion of nationalist Arabism and since the 1948 Nabka, an essential pillar of the growing culture of Resistance to the Zionist occupation of Palestine, is becoming awash with foreign arms being funneled to “rebels” by countries advocating regime change. This observer has been researching foreign arms transfers into certain Middle East countries since last summer in Libya, where to a lesser degree the identical foreign actors were involved in facilitating the transfer of arms and fighters to topple the then, “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.” During a recent stay in Syria, I was able to...

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New secret video reveals Romney vision for Middle East

PanARMENIAN.Net – A new secret video clip has emerged of remarks by Republican candidate Mitt Romney, saying the Palestinians are committed to Israel’s destruction, BBC News reported. He tells donors the Middle East will “remain an unsolved problem… and we kick the ball down the field”. The video is from the same event as a clip released on Monday, Sept 17, in which Romney says almost half of Americans “believe that they are victims”. The leak comes seven weeks before the U.S. presidential election. The new footage was posted on Tuesday on the website of the liberal investigative magazine Mother Jones, which said it was taken at a fundraiser in May...

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