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Muslims invited to bring life to dying town

Shrinking town invites Muslims to migrate and bring it back to life

March 19 2011 The textile mills here have closed, the population is shrinking, but Mayor Stéphane Gendron is not abandoning hope. Elected in 2003 under the slogan, “Let’s bring this town back to life!” Mr. Gendron has a new plan to revitalise his community of about 2,600 people -build a mosque and establish a Halal slaughterhouse in a town with hardly any Muslim residents. At a time when Quebec’s growing Muslim population feels targeted by the ongoing debate over the integration of religious minorities, Mr. Gendron is laying out the welcome mat. On Monday, the municipal council passed a bylaw offering a one-year property tax holiday for people born outside Quebec...

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Peter King

Shariah law threat a figment of Peter King’s imagination

March 18 2011 The Peter King hearing is a showcase for the cottage industry of conspiracy theories about Muslim destabilisation of America The King hearing to examine ‘The Extent of Radicalisation in the Muslim Community’. Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images When South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan went on a tirade about sharia law threatening the constitution at Peter King’s hearing on “The Extent of Radicalisation in the Muslim Community” last week, he provided a telling window into the conspiracy theories that motivate many supporters of King’s McCarthy-esque probe. As I discussed in greater detail last week on the Religion Dispatches website, the...

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Sharia in the West

The West, Islam and Shariah

March 17 2011 The issue of Shariah is gaining momentum as an increasing number of Muslims are living in Western societies. Despite its multicultural society, the United States is the least accommodating toward its Muslim population. England on the contrary, by accepting the presence of Muslim schools, charities, banks and Islamic arbitration tribunals, has been the least biased toward its Muslim citizens. As a result, Muslims in the UK are increasingly turning to Islamic courts mainly to resolve family disputes. Back in 2006, a study revealed that 85 unofficial Shariah courts were already operating out of mosques all over the United Kingdom. The largest of them, the Islamic Shariah Council...

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