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France: major divisions over anti-Islam debate

Apr 03 2011 The French government is resisting mounting pressure to abandon a planned debate on Islam that has split the ruling party, dismayed Muslims and united leaders of all the country’s main religions in firm opposition. In its first joint communiqué since being created last November, the Conference of French Religious Leaders said the approach of presidential elections, scheduled for one year from now, was not the right time for a discussion that could stigmatise Muslims and increase prejudice. Widespread criticism of the debate, scheduled for Tuesday, underlines the government’s failure to prove its claim that it is intended to be about France’s legally enshrined...

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Israel wiped off Egypt Air’s map

March 26 2011 Egypt Air – the official Egyptian airline – has deleted Israel from its travel destinations. The airline’s website no longer features the Zionist state among its flight options. According to the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, “Israeli travellers intending to fly to Ben-Gurion Airport in Lod did not find ‘Israel’ among the Egyptian airline’s destinations while the capitals Amman, Beirut and Damascus appeared on the map; this is despite Egypt’s proximity to Israel.” The newspaper pointed out that Egypt Air was the first major airline to remove Israel from its map of travel destinations and that both Turkish Airlines and...

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Shrinking town invites Muslims to migrate and bring it back to life

March 19 2011 The textile mills here have closed, the population is shrinking, but Mayor Stéphane Gendron is not abandoning hope. Elected in 2003 under the slogan, “Let’s bring this town back to life!” Mr. Gendron has a new plan to revitalise his community of about 2,600 people -build a mosque and establish a Halal slaughterhouse in a town with hardly any Muslim residents. At a time when Quebec’s growing Muslim population feels targeted by the ongoing debate over the integration of religious minorities, Mr. Gendron is laying out the welcome mat. On Monday, the municipal council passed a bylaw offering a one-year property tax holiday for people born outside Quebec...

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