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Speedo launches ‘burkini’ beachwear for Muslim women

By: Melissa Yeo, Parramatta Advertiser Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia) IF YOU’VE ever gone swimsuit shopping and struggled to find the right fit — save a thought for Anisa Buckley. A keen squad swimmer as a young teen, she was turned away from the sport when she couldn’t find the right swimwear. “Once I hit 14 I had to start making do with swimming clothes,” she said. “I would wear light weight long pants and long sleeve cotton shirts because there was nothing readily available. “A lot of pools had policies about wearing clothes at the time so it made it hard for people who wanted to train and wear modest clothes.” In recent years she has rekindled her love for swimming with a group of...

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Is there a French ‘Muslim vote’?

By: Fatima Khemilat Source: The Conversation On April 8, the well-known French television show Salut les terriens turned sour when guests discussed the very sensitive topic of the so-called “French Muslim vote”. One panelist, journalist Sonia Mabrouk, argued that Muslims in France are constantly used by opportunists, from politicians to intellectuals, as a constituency to serve their own purposes. The incident recalled the final televised debate of France’s 2012 presidential election, when then-candidate François Hollande sparred with incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy over the “Muslim vote”. Hollande was in favour of extending the right to vote in local elections to non-EU citizens...

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With all the bans, do you want to travel?

By: Eve Dugdale Source: Al Arabia There are people who refuse to travel to certain countries because of decisions made by rulers generations earlier. Whether it’s historical human rights abuses or incidents of citizens being treated unfairly, a great deal of people refuse to forgive and forget. It’s something I think about often. How somebody can be so moral that it stops them from travelling and discovering new lands even decades after an incident that the international community condemned. This way of thinking has made me ponder the effect of Trump’s travel ban, that is still being blocked by US judges. I’ve wondered, ever since the ban was announced, if it would put other travellers off...

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