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Brazil: Muslims face unprecedented persecution encouraged by the government

By: Tulio Kruse Source: The Intercept In a hall full of high-ranking military officers in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, a screen transmits images of a man with a long gray beard, glasses, and a kufi, a knit cap worn by many devout Muslim men. In the first photo, a man with white hair appears at a protest with Palestinian flags. In the next, he’s beside a woman with her hair covered by a hijab. The two are standing on a rooftop in a favela, as informal settlements are called in Brazil. “This photo was taken in Maré,” a large favela in Rio de Janeiro, the lecturer explained. “What are these people doing there? What is their goal?” The man in the photos is Cesar Mateus Rosalino, 42, a...

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Italy’s “anti-mosque” laws encourage “garage Islam”

By: Ludovica Laccino Source: International Business Times Earlier in September, Italy’s northern region of Liguria passed a controversial set of regulations that restrict the freedom to construct new religious buildings in its territory. The laws do not specifically limit the building of mosques, but opponents have claimed the new piece of legislation unfairly targets Muslims living in the peninsula. Critics of the so-called “anti-mosque” laws argued the regulations are only the latest blow to the 1.6 million-strong Islamic community in Italy. Although Islam is the second biggest religion in the country, it does not have official status and there are only four official...

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Anti-Islamophobia initiative launched in New York

By: MEE and agencies Source: MEE New York unveiled on Monday a major public campaign to fight Islamophobia, stressing the equal rights of the city’s hundreds of thousands of Muslims. The campaign was launched in the wake of a Manhattan bomb attack blamed on an Afghan-American. The anti-bigotry initiative will use social media to spread the message under the hashtag #IAmMuslimNYC. “Now more than ever, it is important for every New Yorker to stand united as one city and reject hate and violence,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio in a statement. “We will not tolerate discrimination or violence of any kind and we will not rest until all New Yorkers, including our Muslim...

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