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Muslim millennials see no clash between faith and modernity

By: Shelina Janmohamed Source: In 2014, global pop star and producer Pharrell Williams released the hit song Happy, prompting cover versions around the world. In the UK the #HappyBritishMuslims wanted to show that “British Muslims are just as happy” as anyone else. Along with further covers from around the Muslim world, the video also sparked controversy among young Muslims online, debating whether Muslims could or should be happy, or even why such demands were being made. The raging debate was testament to a new kind of young Muslim identity that has emerged globally in the past decade. It is a global group that believes that faith and modernity go hand in hand,...

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Generation M: How young, successful Muslims are changing the world

By: Harriet Sherwood Source: The Guardian They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case they’re wrong. In the foreground is a young woman with fuchsia lipstick, Jackie O-style sunglasses and a colourful headscarf. Behind her is a young man, with a hip, trimmed beard, headphones jammed in his ears and one hand casually resting in his pocket. They are part of Generation M, and the eponymous book, subtitled Young Muslims Changing the World, is the first detailed portrait of this influential constituency of the world’s fastest growing religion. According to author Shelina Janmohamed, they are proud of their faith, enthusiastic consumers, dynamic, engaged, creative and...

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UK: Muslim tourists called terrorists treated “like aliens”

By: PTI via The Indian Express Source: PTI via The Indian Express A Muslim family of 12, including seven hijab-clad women, have claimed that they were called “terrorists” and stared at as if they were “aliens” during their holiday at an English seaside town. The group of 12 visited Skegness, Lincolnshire, last week but one said they were treated like “aliens” after they were allegedly stared at and called “terrorists” by passers-by, The Independent reported. The incident came to light when one of the women woman wrote to ‘Tell MAMA’, a website measuring anti-Muslim attacks that was set up with Government funding and whose data has been used in the past by Prime Minister Theresa May. “Me...

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