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Islamic political party founded in Egypt

Feb 21 2011 For the first time in fifteen years, and Egyptian court has licensed a moderate Islamic political party, al-Wasat. Al-Wasat was previously denied a license under the regime of former president Hosni Mubarak, as was any party with a religious basis. Al-Wasat, which is now officially called al-Wasat al-Gadeed, or the new Wasat party, was founded in 1996 after a faction left the Muslim Brotherhood to establish their own party, and the party says that it adopts a centrist platform and believes in translating the principles of Islam into a liberal democratic system. When its platform was presented to the committee of political parties affairs, the committee was headed by Safwat...

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Egyptian ex-ministers trialled and jailed for corruption

Feb 19 2011 As part of a massive crackdown on the symbols of deposed president Hosni Mubarak’s regime, Egyptian authorities have arrested three former ministers and a top ruling party official for corruption. Attorney general ordered the arrest of former housing and tourism ministers Ahmed el-Maghrabi and Zuheir Garana for 15 days pending investigation, Aljazeera reported. They were detained on charges of diverting public funds. Once feared interior minister Habib el-Adli was also arrested on charges of money-laundering. Former ruling party member and steel magnate Ahmed Ezz was also detained on corruption charges. The arrests came about a week after longtime president Hosni Mubarak was...

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Libyans in fiery clash with government officials

Feb 17 2011 [Activists demanded an end to Gaddafi’s 41-year rule] Hundreds of protesters have reportedly torched Libyan police outposts in the eastern city of Beyida, while chanting: “People want the end of the regime.” “All the people of Beyida are out on the streets,” said 25-year-old Rabie al-Messrati, who said he had been arrested after spreading a call for protests on Facebook. Online calls of dissent have been growing rapidly over the past few days, with Facebook groups calling for “Uprising on February 17” doubling in popularity between Monday and Wednesday. In the southern city of Zentan, 120km south of Tripoli, hundreds of people marched...

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