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Was the Egyptian Revolution really a military coup

Egypt’s interim military leaders appear determined to cling to power long after promised democratic elections, renewing concerns that the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year was really a coup that the military rode into power on the coattails of the popular uprising. Pro-democracy activists as well as outside observers are concerned that the military leaders are retreating from commitments for a rapid transfer of power to an elected civilian government. Parliamentary elections are scheduled to begin November 28 and continue into January, but the generals are taking steps to keep themselves in power as de facto rulers at least until after presidential elections,...

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Claims Israel is behind Muslim and Coptic clashes

May 20 2011 Recent Muslim-Christian clashes have renewed fears of sectarian conflict in Egypt. But many local analysts – along with wide swathes of the public – believe sectarian tensions are being stoked by elements loyal to the ousted Hosni Mubarak regime in possible coordination with Israel. “Whoever is fanning the flames of sectarian conflict has two objectives: to distract attention from the ongoing prosecution of Mubarak and his henchmen, and to derail what’s being described as the Third Intifadah,” political activist Mugahid Sherara told IPS. The most recent confrontation was triggered on May 7, after reports that a Coptic-Christian woman who had...

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Thousands march for unity in Tahrir Square

May 14 2011 Holding crosses and Qur’an holy books, tens of thousands of Egyptians rallied in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir square on Friday, May 13, calling for national unity and solidarity with the Palestinians on the memory of Nakba Day. “If you attack a Christian, you’re attacking all Egyptians,” said one man giving a speech at a podium, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported. “The churches attacked in Imbaba are not less than the mosques attacked in Jerusalem,” he said, linking the two themes of Friday’s protest. The rallies were called by Egyptian activists as a mass show of unity following Imbaba events last Sunday. At least twelve people were killed and...

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